Friday, February 8, 2019

Loving Our Store

Good morning friends.
Hope all is well where you live.
This week we have had snow, 
sleet, rain and freezing rain.

Not sure if anyone knows what Blogger is doing now?
They made everyone go to Google+ 
to add they are doing away with it.
So how will everyone be able to comment now?
Then I read they will no longer support
the number of followers you have.
Is this true also?

If anyone  knows about this,
please share.

Today I wanted to show you
how Bob and I decorated our store window
for Valentine's this year.

We did a vintage bedroom theme.

Vintage clothing.

I so love these kitties! 

Do you remember these phones?
These quilt blocks are fun too!

Vanity with all of the necessities one would need.

Dresser at an angle.

Close up of vanity.

I took hot pink post it notes
to create this heart in our window.
I was not sure if they would stay up...
but it's been two weeks now and they are
all still up.
{knock on wood}

What are your plans for the weekend?
Tomorrow we have a local online
magazine for our region doing an interview
with Bob about our antique store.
They came to we are excited to this,
and so honored.

On another note,
we went to a meeting last week
for the businesses in town.
We did not know that our towns officials
had worked with Michigan State University
to do a study on our town to see how we could
do better to become a tourist town.
Last year they had 5 secret shoppers 
come into town.
They each came on different days and
had to spend 10 hours in town.
Visit all of the shoppes and restaurants.
We were also honored that they voted
our store to be the most welcoming
and friendliest of all!
Even though I don't work the store that often,
the one day I did last October was one of the days
one of the secret shoppers came in.
I do not know who talks to our customers more?
Bob or I...but we both talk a lot to our customers.
We always treat then as our Back Porch family! 

Well enough of my babbling.
Have to get to work or I will be late.

Weekend plans will be working
 on bunnies and hooking
some new mats I drew for our show.
Stay tuned for these.

Loving Our Store Blessings To All!


  1. we are going to see our grand daughter which is always exciting for us. Then really just some cleaning and down time.
    my work week is long I try to have one day for just down time an doing things around the house

  2. How cool that you were acknowledged as the most friendly store. So often I walk in to an antique shop and barely get a hello.
    No real weekend plans. Being retired, every day can be my weekend if I so choose, but I am busier now than when I worked!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I have a few more years before I can retire. Janice

  3. Janice, I will send you the email I got from Google, regarding their changes. I am not sure what is going to be possible going forward. Does Blogger have a homepage where they talk about how they will accommodate your viewers and offer a way for them to post. I don't think the solution will be coming from Google. How does it work with those sites that do the picture identification? Is that something your site could do? Like Julie over at Primitive Heartstrings?

    I love how you decorated the store window for Valentine's day! And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your store's award as most welcoming and friendly!!

    1. Thanks Winnie! I dont remember if I went to Google +, but hope I did not. I hope all goes well. Janice

  4. Your store window decorations look so lovely and how wonderful that secret shoppers favored your store! Congratulations! Not completely understanding what Google is doing.

  5. Well, congratulations on both the online magazine interview and the “friendliest welcome” ! Your store window displays are pretty....I love the post-it note idea...very clever LOL. As for Blogger, I am probably the “least up to date” of your followers having been gone so long....but, as I understood things, some blogs chose to go with Google+....I did not, and therefore, cannot leave comments on blogs that are (e.g. Karen Martinsen’s at KM Primitives/My Colonial Home). I switched to Google+ one a week or so ago, thinking it would help me leave comments on Google+ blogs....but it ended up meaning also that those followers of mine who weren’t Google+ couldn’t leave comments on MY blog. Sooooo....long and short, I think if you are NOT Google+ (which I don’t think you are because I can post here), you will be ok....???? Yeah....clear as mud, huh? Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Robin! Hope you are correct. Keeping my fingers crossed. I would hate for my friends not to be able to comment. Janice

  6. Congratulations on your store being favored and good for you for working so hard for your customers! Love, love, the decorations!

  7. Thank you! We work on our store a lot to make it inviting. Janice


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