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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Holly Goodness

Well the days are getting shorter for sure.
It is dark in the morning now when I wake up.
The chill is in the air each morning,
where I have to wear a light jacket.
The squirrels are busy gathering their nuts.

Although the show was not that good,
there was so much eye candy
at the Holly Prim show.
Wish I had a bigger house.
I will let the pictures say it all.

It was so much fun seeing Marie again.
For those of you who may not know her,
she is the famous OLM
Olde Lady Morgan.
Marie is on the left, I to the left.
I was both very tired & sweaty.

She was once again
 honored to be on the cover of
 Prims Magazine.

Congratulations Marie!

The following pics were from our booth.

This is a sugar chest.
In earlier times sugar was such a commodity,
that folks were known to lock it.
I love this one with the drawer too.

That pheasant kept looking at me all weekend,
that I am kind of glad no one bought it.
I am going to use it in one of my Autumn displays.

If I had any more walls....
this would have stayed home too.
Bob can we add onto the house?

I did not have a big enough table 
to put all of my goodies out.

Although the show was not as good 
as others in the past,
it was still fun seeing old friends again!
I also did purchase two new goodies,
and lots of wool.
I have the bug to hook again.

Please say a wee prayer for those folks
that are in the path of the hurricane.
I cannot even fathom the intensity of it all.
We here in Michigan once were hit with 
the tail end of a Nor'Easter and those winds
were something I must say...
so am glad hurricanes don't come up here. 
My 2 nephews live in North Carolina,
so I am on the phone each day with my sister,
to see what their plans are.
They live more North, but one
is afraid of the creek rising and flooding.

It's off to work for me. 
Hope you all have a great day!

Holly Goodness Blessings To All!


  1. Looks like a beautiful show with all kinds of things I would love. I just bought some wool already cut in strips from the living estate sale I'm doing and low and behold I found the wool cutter...jack pot. Maybe some hooking is in my future as well. None of the shows I've been doing have "been as good as before" either. Just an off year I guess.

    1. How cool to find that! I usually cut my worms by hand, and will do so with my next rug. been hearing that from many vendors that the shows are down...just wondering if prims are going out of style. We sell lots of things in our store, plus our old fashion candy.Janice

  2. Great eye candy! The sugar chest is a real gem...think I 'd have to find a place for that one. The light has changed here, that's how we know that Fall is on the way. This time last year we were prepping for Irma. Keeping all those facing Florence in our's scary stuff, waiting on Mother Nature.

    1. Thanks Robyn! I did love that chest, but no more room. Yes, MOther Nature can be cruel at times. Janice

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Krishna. I did spend lots of money on wool for hooking rugs. Janice

  4. Lots of eye candy! Thanks for sharing! I really like the fall garland!

    1. You are very welcome Mindy! Yes the garlands were pretty cool. Still kicking myself for not buying one. Janice

  5. Sorry the show was not as good as hoped for. I did OK at the hook in but not as good as I thought I would.
    Oh, I do LOVE that sugar chest!!!
    Mother Nature is definitely a scary force to reckon with and nothing one can do. I am keeping all those in Florence's path in my prayers.

    1. I am wondering if shows are becoming a thing of the past. Yes that sugar chest is amazing, but will not fit in our house...or I would have kept it. Yes, hoping everyone leaves and does not try to stay. Janice

  6. Oh my gosh I could stay there all day!!!

    1. I did and it was hard not to buy everything. LOL Janice

  7. Janice, I love those kinds of shows but don't get very many of them down California way. I am so sorry that your comments are not coming into my in box. I just happened to go back to my post and saw that you have left one for me. I always appreciate a visit and like to acknowledge anyone who responds..This is going to be a scary time for those on the east coast. I can't imagine going through that. We have the earthquakes to contend with, but, fortunately, not as often..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy! I appreciate those who visit me likewise. I like it here in Michigan..we dont have earthquakes or hurricanes. Janice

  8. I had a great time at the Hollly show and I thought the vendors were phenomenal!!! So much to choose from. I love the cooler temps, but I don't like the darkness that comes with it. Have a great weekend, Janice!

    1. Yes it was fun visiting with friends. I still could have bought more than I came home many things there! Janice

  9. So many things to look at. It would be hard to not walk away with a treasure or two!

  10. Yes I did bring home a couple of things that I will show in other posts. Thanks for stopping by Sandra! Janice

  11. Today, I am able to post again but couldn't the past few days! I love seeing all of the wonderful prims that were at your show!! Your friend Marie, has some wonderful handmades too!! What a great collection of all sorts of furniture and antique crocks and accessories. It is too bad that the attendance was low because it looks to be a treasure trove for antique lovers!

    1. It was a nice show even though the attendance was low. Janice

  12. Sorry the show wasn't as good this year.I think people are holding on a little my sales have dropped this summer. The pheasant caught me right away to.He'll make wonderful displays for you. Your stand look wonderful!

    1. Thank you Amy. I cannot wait to show what I do with that pheasant. Janice

  13. Great pictures Janice! I got a message on FB from the person that was interested in table and chairs in my booth. He still wants so he is driving to Jackson Antique Mercantile to get it.
    Did you go to Clinton for the show going on?
    Have a great weekend.

    1. No we went to Southern Ohio on a buying trip and just got back a little bit ago. How cool for Facebook! We sell items from Facebook too! Janice

  14. Hi Janice,
    Looks like it was a wonderful show and so sad you did not have the attendance or sales! Wish I could have been there! LOVE the Sugar chest and those really big bowls, too! Looking forward to seeing what you "adopted" soon!! My thoughts and prayers are with those who are dealing with the storm, too!
    Take care and hope you have a great weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thanks Julie! I bought even more goodies over the weekend on our buying trip. Some for me...some for the store. Janice


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