Saturday, September 15, 2018

My Love Of Horses

Bob and I are back from our buying trip.
Boy it sure was hot where we were.
Bob found a friend who was talking to him...
well grunting you might say.
It was a cute micro pig and he wanted
 to take it home. 
I reminded him that we have kitties. LOL

Found lots of goodes for the store...
and some for me.
We will save our new found items
for our next show in November
which will be in the town
 where our store is located.

With my grandparents having horses on the farm,
my parents had me on ponies and horses
since I was 3 years old.
I loved horses then...and still do now.
Just in different ways.

Grampa H had a pair of strawberry roan Belgiums.

Grampa B had a white stallion named Lightning.
That horse was mean and would go after
 anyone in his pasture.
I would have to run and get on Star's back
as fast as I could. 
Once on her back, Lightning left me alone.

I mostly rode Star bareback,
with no saddle or bridle.
Grandpa B would always yell at me
 to get off if he saw me on her...
but once he was outta sight, I would get right back on.

With my love of horses,
I had to purchase this one once I saw it.
It is now 1 of 3 that I own...and much cheaper
to own than a real one. :-)

It was well loved for sure.

The leather saddle is rough, 
however you can see the straw that filled it. 

Night time view.

My new one in the background.
My Christmas wish is to order a new loveseat,
since this one is so stained, 
I now cover it with this crocheted blanket.
Santa, I promise I have been good this year. :-)

I think my new horse fits right in.

My nephew and wife in Charlotte, NC
 left and went to Cleveland,
While my other nephew and wife
from Hickory, NC are hunkering down.
I hope they will be safe.
Please say a wee prayer for those who have been
affected by this monster storm.

My Love Of Horses Blessings To All!


  1. Neat horse purchase! Sounds like you had a good time. Definitely praying for those affected by the storm!

    1. Thank you Mindy. We did have a good time, even though I had a touch of heatstroke in the afternoon one day. I was miserable, but we managed to find some awesome goodes. Janice

  2. Love your horses. So glad you had a wonderful time!! Hugs, Lecia

    1. Thank you Lecia! I actually now found a different horse that I like much better over the weekend, so will be selling this one now. Janice

  3. Love your horses and decor, Janice! Praying for your family and all affected by the hurricane. Have a wonderful Sunday! Lori

    1. Thank you Lori! Texting my sister all of the time to see how the boys are doing. I hate Mother Nature some times. Janice

  4. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for sharing your love of horses story! Love your new horse, too!!! He fits right in!!! Keeping those affected by the hurricane in my prayers!!!
    Take care and have a great week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Thank you Julie! I am so fickle. I found another horse that I like much better now. This one is off to the store to be sold now. Will show the new one later. Janice

  6. I do love this old horse that you rescued!! He is such a prize. Pieces like this one deserve to end up in a home of someone who truly appreciates them and whose history matches the beloved value that this piece once had with a little girl or boy.

    I hope your family in NC are OK! My daughter in Asheville is getting rains today and tomorrow. This has been a wicked storm and the damage is far from over for everyone there. Very tragic!

    1. Thank you Winnie. You should receive your package tomorrow. My nephew from Charlotte is going to spend the evening with his brother in Hickory as they have started evacuating Charlotte now. Such a terrible storm. Janice

  7. Lovely horses looks like you did great buying

  8. Yes I did do good at this pick. The horse came from an estate sale where the father passed. The house went at a tax sale and the son decided to sell the items inside to make a little bit of money before they locked him out. It was a great find. Janice

  9. Your horses are all very interesting. I love the way you placed the penny rug across the back of the one horse behind your loveseat...almost like a saddle. These must always remind you of your childhood. You have some great memories! I love hearing how family influences our interests.

    1. Yes Sandra, living on a farm with gramma B utilizing these items was a big influence on my style. I originally made that penny rug to go over a cupboard door, but ever since purchasing that horse, it has been on there as a saddle. Great eye for noticing! Janice

  10. Hi Janice! That horse was a great find, but I'm excited to see the other one you've found! Hope things are going well for your family in the storm. Jane

  11. Thank you Jane. The new one is a better color for my dark hall. My nephews are safe. Thank you. Janice

  12. I love it and it looks great where you staged it!


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