Sunday, September 30, 2018

Stone Fruit Obsession

How is your weekend going?

Last night Bob and I,
my sister and BIL 
treated my aunt and mom to dinner.
Today is my mom's 84th birthday.
Happy Birthday mom!

Today's agenda is to work more on my 
latest hooked rug,
and now I want to show you what I purchased
a few weeks ago.

When I first sold my first stone fruit to Barb
I was not really a fan of them.
Barb showed me how to hook rugs,
and she was the one who bought 
those stone fruit pieces we had for sale.
Then when I found some more stone fruit,
I was both hooked on them as well as hooking rugs.
So I blame Barb for my latest obsession. LOL
Thank you Barb. 
You made me appreciate the beauty in these!

A purple plum.

Another one in a darker purple and a bit larger.

Not sure if this is a yellow plum
or something else.
Any thoughts?

Then there is this lemon.

Finally a little strawberry.

Am loving these new pieces 
which are in my 18th century compote. 

So in love with these colors...
still on the hunt for a half piece of fruit.
Loved the ones Lauren found
from Rugs and Pugs.
Also one day 
hope to find a watermelon like Barb did,
but for now will enjoy the new ones
 I was able to find.

Do you collect stone fruit.
If so, which are your favorite?

Next is a pic of my angel 
that Peggy asked to see up close
from my previous post.

Although she is not blue or gold,
I keep her on this cabinet.

I created her many,
 many years ago for Christmas, 
Have kept her out all the time now. 
She is our protector.

She is holding dried orange slices.

Finally, Rose from Three Sheep Studio
please contact me by Tuesday
otherwise I will draw another name for
my pumpkin palooza giveaway.
Thank you.

Hope everyone enjoys the last half of your weekend.
It is a rainy one today.

Sunday Blessings to All!


  1. I thought that was a kind if fruit at first! Stone fruit? Oh...little fruits made of stone. ;-)

    Love the angel!

    1. LOL Yes fruit actually made from alabaster but called stone fruit. Thank you for loving my angel.he is precious. Janice

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! One time I stopped in a second hand store and found some stone fruit, they were like a quarter a piece, couldn't believe it. I've often wondered what they are worth. They're pretty neat!

    1. Wow a quarter each. That was a steal and you scored! Most are $20 to $60 each right now with watermelons and half fruit much higher. Janice

  3. Happy, happy birthday to your mom.
    I have been stone fruit obsessed for over 10 years. Mine is not the really early stuff but I love it nonetheless. I have many bowls of it including some miniature pieces. I've given many pieces as gifts, too. I never thought I would own any half pieces because of the cost, but really lucked out when I found them in California. Enjoy the hunt!

    1. I still envy you for being able to score those half fruits. Have fun visiting Cathy! Janice

  4. Hi Janice,
    Yes, I am a fellow stone fruit collector, too!! I have been so lucky to find it in Thrift shops and actually found a half peach! As to my favorite, that is a hard one to answer, but I recently found a pomegranate and a persimmon and just love them! Would love to find some purple or red grapes now!! By the way, I just LOVE your compote!! Thanks for sharing and hope you are lucky to find some more!
    Enjoy your week and Happy Birthday to your mom!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Yoohoo for you finding a half peach! To even find a pomegranate and persimmon is awesome too! Yes, my compote is an early one and one of the few 16th century pieces I own. Janice

  5. Hi Janice, Happy Birthday to your Mom. And thanks for adding the picture for me. I wanted to see her face up close and what she is holding. Of course she is your protector, just look at her expression, behave yourself or go away. And apple slices perfect.

    1. You are very welcome Peggy, however she is holding orange slices, not apples. Janice

  6. Happy birthday to your mom, hope she is well and congrats to winnerlove the colors of fruit and love the bowl. I believe i have one of your angels to go with the valentine angel I purchased from you, and I have to get out my witches boots I purchased. Have a blessed week, enjoy your posts

    1. Mom is doing well, thank you. I cannot remember the valentine angel...I have made so many goodies that there are some I just don't remember. Janice

  7. Yikes snow! Not looking forward to it yet. Janice


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