Sunday, September 9, 2018

Autumn Woolies

Happy Sunday my friends! 
We are back from the show.
It was not as good as those in the past.
Crowd and sales were down...
but Bob and I still had fun with friends.
Plus I did score on a few finds....
which in my opinion is always a good thing. LOL
(Not to Bob though) 

With the days getting shorter,
I have warm wools on my mind.
I even brought out our wool blanket
for the couch.

So I decided to whip up some of these.

Great Autumn colors.

Warm white, harvest orange and brown.

A quilt pattern in the round.

Well hello Ace.
Is naptime over?
If I leave this cabinet open just a tad,
Ace feels this is the place to hang out and sleep.

Back to my post.
I decided to make a few of these candle mats,
because our candles will be coming back 
into the store soon as we found a new distributor.
Cannot wait!

A second color completed.

Blue outer band.
Browns and orange.

We will be selling the smaller size candles.
however these mats with be good 
for the larger candles too!

The our band on each mat is the color 
on the backside. 
If you want to use all year round,
just turn it over.

Blue, brown look.

Warm white look.

Smells like my cinnamon rolls are ready
to come out of the oven.

Afterwards will be starting some more Autumn
in our home.
Then working on my snow lady.

What's on tap for your Sunday?

Autumn Wooly Blessings To All!


  1. Love those Fall colors...and scents! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Robyn. Hope you stay safe with hurricane season now. Jnaice

  2. I love the mats. Have tried some but not so beautiful as yours. At our craft mall, people don't seem to know what they are for. I would like them because they are a small project and I like lots of stitching.

    1. I usually leave a candle on them so folks know what it is. Thanks for stopping by Peggy! Janice

  3. Ace is a cutie. <3
    Your mats are beautiful! Love the colors.
    Sorry the show wasn't as great this time, but so glad you still had a good time! And found some goodies!

    I found a surprise package in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much! I am so blessed by your thoughtfulness! I was very surprised and it definitely brightened up my day!

    1. So glad you received your package when you needed it most and glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for following me along my prim journey. Janice

  4. This is so beautiful.. I need to decorate my house now...

  5. Hi Janice, I get to post again today!! I am sorry your show was not what you were hoping but glad you and Bob had fun with friends and you even found a few goodies! I do love your wool candle pads. The colors and textures of wool are perfect for fall!! Will you be showing us your candles on your blog so that we could purchase a candle and candle mat from you?

    I have been following along your blog and I think I might have discovered how to overcome the issue of the software of blogspot kicking me out of participating. At least I hope so!!

    1. YAY. Glad you are able to comment. Was getting worried something had happened to you. Yes you may purchase a candle mat, but the candles have not come in yet. We are wondering why too...will send you an email on the price. Janice

  6. Love your candle mats; especially the warm white, harvest orange and brown, and the touch of blue. Great choice of so well together.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I just drew up a wool mat I am going to rug in blues, golds and oranges. Hope the colors turn out as nice. Janice

  7. It was so nice seeing you and Bob at the show....I was busy tending to Dawn's booth that I didn't get to visit too much. yes...the show was very slow and disappointing...I'm not sure if this is a sign of the times or what...but hopefully in March it will pick up! But I'm like's a nice social event!! Love your little candle mats...I'm getting back into doing applique as well. Rest up and and have a good, restful week.

    1. It was nice seeing you too Bobbie!!! Yeah the show was disappointing, but we will be back in the Spring. I think because of the festival in town and other shows in the area hurt us. Maybe Dawn needs to move it to the end of August. Back to work today. UGH. Janice

  8. I love how you just whipped them up! They are so cute!

    1. THank you Leslie! I did have fun whipping these up. Janice


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