Friday, September 21, 2018

An Autumn Shelf

TGIF my friends.
Woo Hoo for the weekend!

This year I decided to do 
an Autumn Blue and Gold theme
for our back room.
I just pulled in items throughout
our house to complete this new look.

Above is the shelf Bob made
when we renovated this room;
and this  is how it looked for Spring & Summer.
With my mom living with us,
I never did change anything up.
Did I tell you she is back home now?
I took her home 2 weeks ago,
but not sure if I told you all.
She is doing fine once again.
Thank you all for your well wishes for her.
It was greatly appreciated. 
Anyway, back to my post.

My new Autumn Blue & Gold look.
The following pics are just
close ups of each of the items.

Blue tick fabric,
a blue & gold coverlet piece,
and the book is bound in a gold color.

Blue swirl berry bucket 
in between some yellow fabric pears.

Pitchers of all sizes.

With blue and gold.

Each a bit different.

Same with my collection of mini bowls.

Again in blues and golds.

These bowls are usually tucked away 
in our kitchen cabinet. 

The pitchers are also in the kitchen 
on another shelf Bob made me.

I love how I can change up a room
by just moving things around.

More blues & golds
will be making an appearance
 in upcoming posts.
Stay tuned.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I will be finishing up some goodies
for an upcoming giveaway.
Stay tuned for that.
Then will be transferring my drawing to linen,
and hooking up an Autumn rug.
Oh Bob will be moving furniture
for me so I can finish up
 my blue/ gold theme Autumn room.
Then we have to go shop for a new tv...
our big one died on us this week. :-(

Hope you all have a wonderful Autumn weekend.

An Autumn Shelf Blessings To All!


  1. TGIF indeed! Lovely shelf. I have yellow wear but I use it almost daily which makes me so happy

    1. I remember you saying that you use your yellowware. I am afraid I will break mine, so its safer if I just display them. Janice

  2. I can post today so I want to share that your previous post of the cupboard space was lovely. I love your little posts about decorating a cozy cupboard area because they really add a nice focal point for a room that changes.

    I think shelves are always great ways to show off collections like you have here.
    Plus, there don't have to be any rules or ways how someone uses that space making it a perfect project for any home space. I heard on the weather this morning that a nice cool front is sweeping down across the Great Lakes bringing the first real fall weekend at the official date of Fall arrives. Enjoy!!

    1. Yes it will be a Fall weekend here and we have the windows open tonight. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and I just wanted to do something different in a Fall color scheme. I really wanted the shelves so I could display more goodies and Bob did a wonderful job! As always a treat when you visit Winnie. You must let me know which mat you ended up keeping. Janice

  3. Fall is looking good at your house! Blue and yellow is such a lovely combo. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Robyn. I thought that the blue and gold would be a nice change for Fall this year. Just wanted to do something other than the normal reds. oranges and yellows. I think it will turn out great once finished. Janice

  4. So happy to hear that mom is doing well ❤️

  5. Great news on your mom. Love the blue and gold combo and your yellow ware is just beautiful Hope you have a great weekend Our weather has finally turned nicer
    linda m

  6. Thank you Linda! More to come with my blue and gold theme so stay tuned. It was nice sleeping with the windows opened last night and Autumn has arrived here in the Great Lakes. Janice

  7. And again, I LOVE it all. However, that coverlet...i'll take Glad to hear of you mom and good job taking care of her. Did you make those pears? They are so whimsy and prim. I'll be working on getting stuff ready for my huge event in our town. I bought out some really nice primitives from my older friend that is moving. Oil/was - "Howard's Paste Wax" inventory, mark and load the trailer. That's my weekend. I hope you enjoy yours!

  8. Yes Jacky I did make the fabric pears. I made these for the store many moons ago in green, reds, yellows and gold. Never will part with my coverlets....but if I ever do, I will remember that you loved it. :-) As always thank you for stopping by and commenting. Janice

  9. Hi Janice! So happy your mom is doing well. Blue and hold is such a pretty combo and is looking perfect for fall. I am a fool for yelloware and ooh, that coverlet. Stunning! Jane

  10. Thank you Jane. More to come this week. Janice

  11. You have a wonderful collection of pitchers and bowls; love the colors. Also, the coverlet is as wonderful as can be. Fall is so wonderful to decorate for.

  12. Yes Fall is a great time to is Christmas for me too! Janice


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