Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Display

Hello friends.
Wanted to share with you
an easy peasy display.
Happy Hump Day!
Where is the week going?

I had these half pint milk bottles
collecting dust....
so I thought what can I do
 to put them to good use.

After cleaning them 
I placed them on my kitchen window sill.

Added water and placed some faux flowers inside each.

The water is to make you think the flowers are real
Did it work? :-)

My view out this window changes
all of the time.

Sometimes there are deer along the fence line,
turkeys, bunnies, squirrels...and the neighbors cat.
Birds galore.
At night the fireflies fill the trees out back.

Now I have something else to look at this Summer.
My pretty faux milk bottle flowers.

{now if I could only get Bob to clean up 
his mess on the right side of our yard}

In other news, my mom will be coming to stay
with Bob and I for awhile starting Saturday.
She will have in house therapy 3 times per week.
Once she is comfortable she will go home.
For now she will have a place to stay and heal.

Summer Display Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice! There is something so charming about clear glass bottles and a simple sprig of flower. I hope your mom heals quickly. Jane

    1. THank you Jane, Yes the glass bottles are charming sitting on the windowsill. Janice

  2. Love it. Looks great. Speedy recover prayers for your mom.

  3. Love that milk bottle idea! It looks perfect for a kitchen window.

    Great news that your Mom is getting along much better and can come to your home to continue in home therapy until she is able to return to her own home! She must be very happy to be strong enough to leave the rehab center and return to what feels like a more normal life. I bet she will get stronger faster at home now that she is getting stronger and feeling more stable on her feet again. Hugs to her from Florida! She has been through a rough patch the past few months.

    1. Mom will be happy to leave rehab. She will be more happier when allowed to go back home. Janice

  4. Hi Janice. Your bottles of flowers are so pretty and a very charming idea but if I had fireflies to watch, I wouldn't need anything else. It is on my bucket list to see a firefly. Hope that can happen. Your mom must be so happy that she can stay with you until she is feeling better. For her, I hope that happens soon..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

    1. THank you Judy. The bottles do have that sparkle in the sun. At night the fireflies in the trees number dozens and dozens. It is so neat to watch them. I use to catch them as a child and watch them at night in my bedroom and release them in the morning. THey are so cool! Janice

  5. Replies
    1. I am lucky that she was found when she was. The ending could have been much worse. It will be nice having her here for a bit. Thanks for your comment. Janice

  6. Great news on your mom being released and doing home therapy. Hope in no time she is able to enjoy her garden once again Blessing on you and your husband at this time. Love your bottles looks very cute my husband has a collection of bottles Wonder if he'd let me use them Not sure on that HaVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEK
    linda m

  7. Thank you Linda! The time will go by fast I am sure. A few years back she stayed with us for 2 months when she had cataract surgery on both eyes. Janice

  8. Nice to see the usage of those beautiful bottles! Happy a nice time with your mother:)

  9. Hi Janice,
    Am so behind on my blog reading/commenting!! Always love to see your posts and you have such fun ideas for using simple things to make a house A HOME!! Thanks for sharing!! I am also so very sorry about what happened to your mom!! So happy she is going to be able to stay with you and recuperate! I'm sure that will be THE BEST MEDICINE!! Take care and enjoy your time together!!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

    1. So glad you popped in Julie. Miss you. Thanks for the well wishes for my mom. Getting things ready for her today. Took the day off work...and also planning on Autumn ideas since I have been moving furniture today. Janice

  10. Love your "faux" flowers! I have three green bottles and I think I might do the same thing! It does brighten up your kitchen! I hope your mom does well in's tough seeing them get older and going through so much! Have a great weekend, Janice!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Bobbie! You must show off your green bottles if you do them. Also thanks for the well wishes for my mom. It gonna be a hot one this weekend, so hope you stay cool! Janice


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