Saturday, June 30, 2018

Red And Juicy

Red Strawberries.
I have always associated the month of June
as the season of the strawberry.
Although this is the last day of the month,
I wanted to feature one of my 
favorite fruits.

I grow my own along with rhubarb,
and always enjoy making a strawberry rhubarb pie.
{homemade fabric strawberries I made}

Fresh Red and Juicy ones! 

Gramma H also had strawberries on the farm.
I enjoyed picking them with her...
but the birds always managed to get a few. 
{I stitched this strawberry pillow a few years ago}

My mom also had a strawberry patch...
still does, and this year my aunt had to to put the 
mesh over the patch to save from the birds 
since my mom's accident.
My mom always makes strawberry jam.
Love it!
{prim doll I created wearing a strawberry necklace}

Finally this Strawberry sign.
We have had this double sided sign hanging in 
our store since we opened.
Almost daily someone has wanted to purchase it.
Only for Bob to say if 
"If I sell this I won't have a home to go back to."

Well I decided to have Bob 
bring it home the other day.
Once Bob hangs it...I will show it again.

Getting ready for my brother to bring my mom
here today.
The in home nurse will also pay a visit.
Then my brother and SIL
will join Bob and I and son Matt for a BBQ later.

For those affected with this recent heat wave,
please stay safe inside and stay hydrated.

Red & Juicy Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice! The fabric strawberries are the cutest. I can see why people want the would strawberries sign and I'm sure you are proud of Bob for protecting it, lol. My parents had a pick your own strawberry farm when I was growing up - now I wish I had saved some of their signs. I hope things go well with your mom.Jane

    1. Thank you Jane.Yes I was proud of Bob for not selling this sign. However he did sell one of my favorite quilts that I brought in just for a display for only $25 when I paid $100 for it and it was not to be sold... I finally forgave him for that one. LOL Janice

  2. Your fabric strawberries are very cute and Love the dollie with the strawberry necklace. The sign is a winner and can't wait to see where you put it Also nice job on the stitchery Have a nice 4th
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! Still not sure where I want the sign, but will decide soon. Janice

  3. Good morning Janice - what a delightful post!
    I haven't been around the blogs much so thought today would be a great way to start the month off by visiting.
    Love your post - I am always wanting to go pick strawberries but never seem to find extra time to get to the patch.

    1. Thank you Karen! Even though I had my own strawberries, I use to take my kids to a strawberry farm when they were little. They always enjoyed the hay ride out to the patch. Janice

  4. I would NEVER part with that strawberry sign!!!

  5. Happy and safe 4th of July to you :)

    1. Thanks Lauren. Hope you have a great Fourth of July too! Janice


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