Monday, June 18, 2018

June CupboardScape

I hope all the Father's out there had a grand day!

In Honor of Father's Day,
This CupboadScape is all about
the male folks of my family.

Although my father has been gone
for 25 years now,
I still thought about him yesterday.

My grandfathers and father,
instilled their values, love and compassion.
Plus some fine memories...
even a ghastly one.
See below for the shocking one.

Grandpa Bruno B. was caught making whiskey
during the Prohibition Era and spent a week
 in the small towns pokey.
{ whiskey jug }

He also wore the gray Fedora hat.
{ hat }

Great Grandpa Robert W.
wore the gray spats.
Spats were placed over the ankle
to protect ones shoes and socks from mud & rain.
{ gray spats to the left with box }

Grandpa Charlie H. use to carry a water pitcher
around the farm for his thirst.
{ blue enamel water pitcher }
We would walk the back pasture
to call the cows in for milking.
He always let me ride one cow back to the barn.

He always scrubbed his arms and hands
after the farm chores were done with Lava soap.
As a kid watching him, I thought he would scrub
his skin right off he did it so hard. LOL
{ Lava Soap }

Grandpa H and my dad both liked playing checkers.
I would play with grandpa most nights
when visiting the farnhouse.
{ Checkerboard }

My own father used tobacco.
Up until he was thirty when he quit.
{ Prince Albert Tobacco Tin }

Both Saturday and Sunday Bob's dad
came over for dinner.
It was a treat for us because not only
did he cook us up some ribs,
but he cooked steaks we had bought too.
Yesterday it was so hot that I decided to
make BBQ pulled pork sandwiches 
made in the slow cooker.
Potato Salad and a Cucumber Tomato Salad.
Also made a chocolate pie.

How was your weekend spent?

Father's Day Post Blessings To All!


  1. Thanks for dropping in to read my blog.
    I love this Dad's Day box you put together. Isn't it nice to still have family treasures in our possession?

  2. Hi Janice! Such a sweet father's day display. Nothing like farm life when we were kids. Sounds like you had a lovely father's day weekend. My dad passed several years ago, but we spent yesterday celebrating my hubby. T

    1. Thank you Jane. So glad you had a nice Father's Day! Janice

  3. I love your father's day display ~ it's absolutely perfect! Our dads have passed, so I spent the day around the house with Paul ~ Once the girls got home from work we had a nice father's day dinner.

    1. Thank you Leslie! Glad you had a nice Father's Day too! Janice

  4. Looks like I can post today!!! Janice, I love all these stories of men in your family and the collection of vintage items to represent them. It is just a wonderful set of little vignettes!!

    I remember my Mom keeping Lava soap in our basement and when we went out in the woods at Girl Scout Camp, we would wash our arms and legs with the soap in an effort to get off any poison ivy oil from our skins. we were all so allergic to poison ivy and had many summers made miserable with a big outbreak of it. The Lava soap really helped me.

    1. Lava soap. I remember the smell vividly. Never knew it was a poison ivy remedy though. Good to know. Janice

  5. Oh, Janice, what sweet memories. I remember my Dad and my Grandpa washing their hands with Lava after coming in from work at the sawmill. My dad also smoked his pipe when younger and I can still smell that Prince Albert. Thanks for the memories..xxoJudy

    1. Seems we have similar memories. Good ones indeed! Janice


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