Friday, June 15, 2018

Magical Fit

Last weekend was a rainy one,
fitting for the ducks and water birds
we have here.
The gloomy day made my mind wander.
Wander to the magical time of Halloween
to all that is related to the
witchy hour. 

Blacks, oranges and purples
Yummy colors for this design.

Am calling this one 
Witch Parking

By reason that someone decided
to park himself on top of said boot.

Can you guess what character did this?

Will share who parked a ride later on.

Visiting with my mom almost daily
has brought out
the pencil and paper...
Not being able to drag out all
of the July 4th decor...
Halloween has been popping into my noggin.
I know crazy right?

My fabric is easier to get to. LOL

Working the store tomorrow...
then having Bob's dad over for
a grilled steak dinner on the barby.

My dad is no longer with us, 
so I know he will be here in spirit
for Father's Day.

What will your plans be for this weekend?

Magical Fit Blessings To All!


  1. you are jumping the seasons for sure. We have no parents left between us.

  2. I refuse to even think about fall because of what comes after!

    1. Oh I know, bt have to start working on goodies for the show and our store. Janice

  3. Suppose to get storms overnight. We could use some more rain here. Yes I do have to think ahead because I do shows and make things for our store. Janice

  4. I know how your mind and heart always leans towards Autumn as the temps here are in the 100s and I want it to cool down.

    1. Yes especially with the heat index of 101 here. Whew! Janice

  5. I agree, Janice, fall is always in my thoughts. I guess I just love the cozy feeling. Jane

    1. Yes Autumn is a much cozier time of the year. Janice

  6. My grandmother in her 80s her hip broke then she fell. As an RN my favorite patients were post op patients.

    My favorite month is September. I also like autumn.

    1. Thank you for being an RN. I appreciate all those who take care of my mom. Janice


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