Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Garden Plot

Its been a long long time
since I have really loved my garden.
At my old house I had many many gardens.
Here I only have room for a small few.

It was a cold start to our Spring,
however once the Spring flowers started
they are really putting on a show!

This was the door trellis Bob made for our garden
a few years ago now.

First year Honeysuckle planted.

The Hummers are going to love
 the Honeysuckle this year.
Our trellis is loaded
 with this sweet scented flower.
{one was even humming near me when I took this pic}

We even have real bunnies visiting us now.

I usually plant Red Geraniums in my planters.
This year I opted for Red Gerbera's, 
magenta petunias & a variegated pink green vine.  

The magenta spirea is also doing great!
The little Henry Sweetspire is full of buds too.

Then there's the kiwi vine.
I almost pulled this vine out last year.
It was the second year and was just green.
I purchased it because it was supposed
 to be white, green and pink.
Year three and it is finally changing colors....
and WOW it has sprouted and growing
like a weed now on the opposite side of our trellis.
{so glad I did not pull it out}

See how high it is getting this year on the left.

The Honeysuckle is on the right.

I want Bob to make me another one at the other
end of our walkway so I can add two more
flowering vines.
Any suggestions?

Other than my volunteer sunflowers,
I don't normally like yellow flowers,
but this year I added a few Dahlias.
The tiny white flowers are called
Angel Wings

This flower pot is at the top of our steps 
to the porch.
I have been reading up on natural plants
that deter mosquitoes.
Sage and Ageratum are some of them.
The Purple Ageratum is to the right,
and behind that is the sage.
{hope it helps}
Bob says we grow the mosquitoes
 big around here. :-)

Then on our porch by the door,
is another planter inside our
antique wood sorghum cutter.
If you live in the South you know what this is.
Sorghum syrup was the staple 
like Molasses was here in the North.
Now it is used as livestock and even made into ethanol.
The plant itself grows tall like corn and is a cereal grain.
You would boil it down to make the syrup.
It was thought to have been brought over from
Africa with the slave boats and grows
 great in the South because it is drought resistant.
I love the Sorghum candles from the
A Simple Life magazine.
One of the editors does a prim show with us...
and I purchase the candles from her.

Laundry and cleaning today.
Then work on prim goodies.

On another note:
Mom is doing good with therapy, but is only
at 10% usage with the hip she had the surgery on.
She needs to be at 90%
 before they consider letting her go.

Bob and I visited with her on Thursday night.
My brother and his wife spent time with her yesterday.
My sister is going today to do her hair.
She is a beautician...and the rehab place told her
she could use their facility.
Tomorrow, more of my family will be visiting
and I will go back with her cleaned laundry
 on Monday sometime.

Hope everyone has a sparkling weekend.
Ours may be a rainy one :-(
{but we do need it}

Garden Plot Blessings To All!


  1. "Volunteer" sunflowers?

    These photos are lovely!

    Have a sparkling weekend. :) A salesperson said that to me on the phone once. I thought it was great!

    1. Yes when my bird friends come to my birdbath, I always have volunteer sunflowers that come up around it. Janice

  2. I love your door trellis and all your plants look so green and healthy. I love this time of year. We got a little rain this morning but sure could use more.
    Prayers that your mom continues to heal and improve.
    Happy weekend.

    1. Yes I love this time too! At least it is not too hot yet. Janice

  3. Your gardens are lovely, so tranquil and clean. A beautiful flowering vine I would suggest is Clematis...there are so many varieties/colors and all are beautiful!

    1. Clematis does really well here too! Thanks for the suggestion!! Janice

  4. Your gardens look beautiful. The trellis is stunning! Hope that your mom progresses quickly and is feeling back to herself very soon!

    1. Thanks Leslie! Mom is doing as expected, but she is complaining now too. So I hope she continues and does not give up. Janice

  5. lovely gardens I have been downsizing mine and trying for hosta as we are very shady.

    1. I have Spiderwort that grows in the shade here. It has really nice blue flowers all Summer. Janice

  6. Wow, you have a beautiful garden! Prayers for your mom.


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