Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Whim Of A Pillow

I am so glad it is Wednesday!
Thursday afternoon I had to run up to the mall
to add minutes to my mom's phone.
The phone place was right next to Target,
so I popped in to see if they had the pillows
I was eying at online.
I am by no means a pillow connoisseur...
but I liked the gold ones I had found online.
Well the ones I wanted, they did not have.
However these were on clearance.


They were also the perfect color for our front room
since the colors are red white and blue.

The background red color is almost the same shade
as our chairs.

Plus the red also matches the wool background
of the current penny project I am working on.

It was like a match made in heaven.
Prim heaven that is.

This is one of our chairs.
I have my basket next to it where I have been
working on my penny project.
{notice there is another flag pillow to the right}
I decided I needed to make one for myself too.
I worked on it during my mom's surgery.
Just needs a bit more rags stuffed inside.

Last night this is what I came home.
Sweet Ace kitty sitting in his catio.
Bob made this years ago and the kitties
go in and out through the window...
only during the daytime.
Too many critters around to leave it open at night.

Mom is in rehab now.
She was not happy with her PT, 
but my niece visited her yesterday and told her
the PT was doing the right thing.
You see my niece is also a PT...however she cannot
touch my mom as it is the law in Michigan
that doctors and physical therapists cannot treat family.

We are not sure how long she will be there...
but at least she is in a good place now.
One where she will get on the road to recovery.
Us kids decided now that we will take turns visiting her.
It's just too much for all of us to see her on a daily basis.
We all have full time jobs....
and all of us took time off while she was in the hospital.
The rehab facility is another 20 minutes farther.
I will go see her today for a couple of hours.

Well it's off to work I go.
Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Whim Of A Pillow Blessings To All!


  1. oh sweet kitty. Nice find for the pillows looks like a match

  2. Perfect pillow find for you Americana projects for this season!!

    It is good to hear that your Mom is in rehab and starting the work of regaining her mobility. It is hard, at their age, to lose their independence and ability to live their daily routines with one quick fall. Hopefully, she will begin to see progress soon and find it easier and easier to regain her strength. Her placement does make it hard for everyone to visit and I hope her stay won't take too many weeks.

    Take care and have a good "hump day" this week!

  3. Great look. I have red in my living room also, first time to venture out with a red couch but I love it.

    1. I have always had a soft spot for red. It was my dad's favorite color. Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  4. I love your shade of reds and those pillows are perfect! I'm feuding with my mom because she does not want to go to physical therapy either...UGH! Love your penny rug!!

    1. Hope things go better with your mom. Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  5. Hi Janice. I really love those pillows you got at Target. Right up my alley! Hope your mom takes to her PT. I had to go after my toe surgery and it is so important. It is just amazing how you can lose muscle at such a fast pace. Love your penny rug. I need to start another project..Thanks for your visit. My lavender is really purple. The buds just look white for awhile..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thanks Judy! Working on a Halloween project this weekend. Always one step ahead. LOL Janice


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