Sunday, June 24, 2018

Party Lights

Happy Summer Everyone!
Bob surprised me with these
outdoor Edison lights
last week.
We have a set of these in the store.
I had wanted these 
for such a long time now at home.
Bob said they cost more now then
when he purchased them for the store.
He was not going to pay the high cost
just to have them at home.

I was head over heels when I saw 
these lit up when I came home.
I immediately had to take pics.

He also purchased LCD lights
for our porch posts.

It looks so pretty now outside...
however the mosquitoes chase us in.
Dang mosquitoes. 

I call them our party lights.

I so love our new porch lights too!
I am like a kid in a candy store
right over the moon!

I took this last pic during the daylight.
Thank you sweetie
 for the lovely surprise!

Today I am going to try and work 
on my bathroom curtains...still
have not started on them yet.
Just too busy going back and forth
to see my mom in therapy.
We found out last week
her insurance
 will not pay anymore,
 so she has decided to pay
the bill on her own until
she is well enough to leave...
Insurance companies 
You pay into it and when you need it
they cut you off.
Just glad she has the money 
to stay in therapy.
She was not allowed to even
start therapy on the leg she broke
her hip until last Thursday
when she saw the doctor,
and the insurance cancelled
her stay the same day.
She just started walking with a walker.
Not far..but it's a start.
We have appealed as her doctor stated
 she is still a high risk of falling,
but not sure if that will suffice
the money hungry insurance company.
Like I said before
Insurance companies

Hope everyone is enjoying
 their weekend!

Until next time.

Party Light Blessings To All!


  1. Why did they cut her off? Maybe they thought she was far enough along? Good that she can afford to keep doing it!

  2. Her insurance only covers 2 weeks of in care therapy at a facility. Each person is different, but they don't care about that...its all about going by the book. Thanks for asking Sandi. Janice

  3. I like the lights, that was a nice surprise. Yes it does

    1. Thank you Jacky. Yes it is hard dealing with insurance. Janice

  4. Prayers for your mom. Hopefully she can continue to get the therapy she needs, even if out of pocket ❤️

    1. Thanks Lauren! She should be getting better. Her therapist says she is doing good. Just will take time. Janice

  5. Like your lights and a sweet surprise for you I'm sure So sorry to hear what the insurance company has done but glad she can continue her therapy WE all don't heal at the same level
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! You are correct. We all heal differently. Janice

  6. Your new lights are a terrific surprise from Bob, and they look charming and welcoming!

    I know how frustrating insurance can be and hopefully, you mom will make faster progress now that she is using a walker and getting stronger.

  7. Thanks Winnie! Mom was able to do the stair step therapy today. She is bound and determined to get out of there by Friday. Janice


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