Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

Today will be a busy day for Bob and I
as we get ready for our Bi-Annual
antique show which is sponsored
by our antique club
Blue Water Antique Dealers Association
or fondly known as BWADA

If you get the chance to come out
we will be setting up our prims at
New Haven High School
57700 Gratiot Ave
New Haven, MI  48048

Show Hours
Sat 10am to 5pm
Sun 10a to 4pm

This is not an exclusive primitive show
however there are several dealers
who will be there with prims.

Hope to see you there!
Bob and I will be in the gym.
I will be sure to take pictures.

On to Friday Fun Facts

1. Mozart composed over 625 works in his lifetime. 
(that's a lot of music)

2. Our eyes are always the same size from birth.
(this is why we think baby's have such big eyes)

3. Johnny Depp always flies in private jets so he can
smoke during the flight.
(I really like Johnny Depp, but I really hate cigarette smoke)

4. A study was found that hugging can lower your blood pressure.
(get to hugging everyone!)

5. Your computer mouse is 3 times more filthier than your toilet.
(YUK..YUK..Triple YUK) 

6. 95% of people use to believe that the moon
was following their car when they were kids.
(I admit that I was one of those kids...still think it does. LOL)

Well that does it for another Friday.
Happy Friday the 13th to all.
I have a friend who will not leave her house ever
on a Friday the 13th...she is that superstitious.

Blessings to all


  1. Janice have a great show!!!
    Interesting ~ post!( I am with you on Smoke)

  2. Another round of fun facts, Janice. That one about the moon really surprises me. Really?? Have a great show!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Have a great show and thanks for some "fun facts". Blessings ~Sara

  4. Hi Janice, wish I could come to your show. A bit far from Texas though.:-) I hope you have a great one!!
    I have fairly low blood pressure, must be all those hugs from Hubby and the four grandkids that live here on the ranch.:-)

  5. Hi Janice,good luck at the show,wish I could go and take a look see. Love the Friday fun facts,what a hoot!!!! Bear Hugs Francine.

  6. Good luck at your show! Wish I lived closer! What neat facts! I had no clue about our eyes. I learned something today! Hehe...Have a great weekend.

  7. Fun facts Janice!!!
    I believe your cell phone will rank right up there with your computer mouse ~ really yuk!!!
    Prim Blessings

  8. HI Janice! It was good to see you and Bob - your booth looked great (as always). I wanted to get back by and see you but I got a phone call from Rob that he had forgotten his laptop so I had to run out. He headed back home and I headed in his direction to hand it off. He could not have gone on his trip without it. That truly put a major dent in my day.


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