Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Misi's Tuesday Display Chain- Spring Cleaning

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Below are my versions of Spring cleaning over here at Prims by the Water. 

A few things I added to an old chair with an old blue tick pillow in the back.

A collection of soaps with a few soap savers in my 1896 Post Office cubbies

While in the barn of one of our antique friends, I noticed this pair of long johns hanging up in a rafter.
I asked him if I could buy them, and he laughed at me thinking I was very strange. He actually gave them to me all the while probably thinking I was very nuts. LOL. They have been hanging on my wall ever since...except at Christmas time...then I hang a red pair that I bought! 

An early 1900 hooked rug with some soap pretty enough for any prim lady.
An early Victorian dress hangs on the hanger in my bedroom.

This wood ironing board was my gramma H's.
The brown bottle is sprinkling bottle. Usually if this bottle got broke, then a glass soda bottle would have taken its place. I remember my mom using an old Vernor's Bottle! For those who are not familiar with Vernor's, it is a famous Ginger Ale company from Detroit Michigan. Hmmm, I can just taste a Boston Cooler right now, with some of that ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.

One of my rug beaters.

I hang rug beaters along the top of three walls in my living room.
Just love the simplicity of each of them. It's my version of a wallpaper border!
I have a total of 8 different hanging.

Well that does it for my Spring Cleaning. Next week Bob and I are on vacation, and I am going to try and do some real cleaning..as I have to clean out the spare room so that we can start work on our bedroom. The spare room looks like a tornado met up with a hurricane...seriously, not kidding, that's how bad it is. LOL. I will have to take pics to show you...plus, I only have two days to make at least a dent in it, cause we are going on a vacation/ buying trip for our store. Some of our friends think that this should not be considered a vacation, but to us it is...and we have so much fun looking for items for our house and customers...and our customers are the greatest!!!

Take care everyone


  1. Janice~ I'm positive you'll get your 50 today.Love the wood wash board I've been looking for one.I thinking junking is the best way to spend free time to.Hope you find some wonderful treasures.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Great post, Janice. Love all the pics but I really love that wood washboard. Can you imagine doing your laundry or delicates on that? Whew - glad those days are gone.

  3. Love all those old treasures! You just can't find goodies like that where I live. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Hi Janice... Just found your Spring Cleaning post over at Amy's Blog.. Love the soaps display, fantastic...


  5. Beautiful~ prim ~ display~So many~ many Gooodies!!!LOve it all!!!!
    thanks for sharing~

  6. Perfectly WONDERFUL displays Janice!!! You truly have a gift for putting things togehter in just the right way. Love your old soaps and laundry basket. BTW - CONGRATULATIONS on the 50 followers!! I see you made it! YAY!! Smiles & Hugs, Robin (PS - Have a wonderful "vacation" - sounds like fun to me!)

  7. Love the idea for displaying you collections in the old post office cubby. Hey when the tornado left you house it hit a couple rooms in my house. LOL Trying to sort it all out and doing yard work at the same time. Have a nice trip. Vicky

  8. Beautiful displays! What a great rug beater collection!

  9. Enjoy your vacation! Are you getting warmer weather yet? Loved your displays.

  10. I love the postal cubbies and long johns. You have some very nice things.


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