Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Crafting

Yesterday I was able to work on a bit of crafting, in between laundry, making 24 homemade chicken enchiladas (yesterday and today's dinner), and homemade ham and pea soup (tomorrow's dinner).

For my Sunday crafting, I decided that I wanted to start make something pertaining to Spring. Below is  what I started off with.

A bit of red and green wool and two patterns I whipped up.

Voila... some prim strawberries for my wood bowl.

Finally, add some yellow seeds to finish.

Now I'm not sure if I should prim these berries.
Should I, or shouldn't I?

These strawberries reminded me of another childhood memory. Gramma H always had a vegetable garden, and in this garden she had strawberries and raspberries. It was what we did with the raspberries, that my gramma disliked. You see me and my cousins decided to go fishin' down by the creek and being without worms or of us...and not really sure which one of us, decided to pick a mess of raspberries and use them as bait...LOL Our first batch of strawberries did not catch us anything, and when we went back for a second batch was when gramma told us not to do it any longer....well being kids that we were, we did not know gramma was lookin out her kitchen window. She only had one East window, and that was the one that overlooked her garden. As we started pickin our third batch, gramma came through the patch of shrubs that separated the house from the garden and scared us half to death. We dropped all of the berries and high tailed it out of there and left her laughing.

Moral of the story: Shrubs are not the best camouflage when a gramma's window is taller than the SHRUBS...and at the time we just thought she had eyes behind her back like all mom's tell you!

Take care everyone


  1. Love your strawberries. They say SUMMER in a mighty way. Cute fishing story. It's amazing the things we remember from our childhood. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. Oh! LOVE these Janice! Where did you get the pattern? Love the houndstooth in red & white. Leave these un-primmed and make another batch prim! LOL! Thanks for sharing your dear memories ~*~Lisa

  3. LOVE the strawberries, Janice and what a fun story! I'll bet your grandma laughed for quite a while!

  4. Cute story, Janice....Did you ever catch any fish with any of those berries tho??? Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  5. I love your strawberries! I have been wanting to make some velvet ones for ages.


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