Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Being an antique dealer we have heard many stories from other antique vendors on how some spirits stay with certain pieces of furniture or items. Both Bob and I have experienced...what we call not explainable things which have happened to us over the years. One such experience happened most recently in my own home...

In the antique business we call photographs or portraits like these instant relatives. This particular portrait I have hanging in my back room. It is not a relative of mine, but I was drawn to this picture from the moment I saw it hanging in another antique store in town. Every time I visited that store, I had to go see if this painting was still there...until finally I just ended up buying it. My son hates this picture because wherever you move in this room, the gentleman's eyes follow gives him the creeps. I on the other hand am not bothered by this picture, but Bob hates it too...

Well, the grand kids were spending the weekend with me on a snowy January weekend. I was making dinner and forgot the time and had to pick up Bob from the store. He did not take his truck that Saturday because we were expecting about 8 inches of snow...and his truck was small and lightweight and he did not want to get stuck in the snow...

Well to make a long story short. Bob did not want to leave me stranded with the kids and a truck, so I had to take him to the store and pick him up later in the car. Three quarters of the way to the store, I remembered that I did not turn off the stove and left the pan on the burner.

I was in panic mode. I made Bob rush out of the store, so that I could get back home...hoping and praying all the while that the house did not start on I was already gone about 15 minutes because of the snow, and the drive should be 20 minutes round trip.

When I got back to the house, I rushed in leaving Bob to get the kids out of the car and this is what I found.

The pan was pushed off to the left back burner and no longer on the front right burner...which was still on when I saw it. I recreated this picture so you could see what I was talking about...spooky  right.

I stood there at the stove until Bob came in with the kids and he saw what I saw. Well, I was a bit shook up, so I sat on the couch in the back room to compose myself. My grandson Michael asked me what happened, and I told him that gramma had left the pan on the stove and God sent someone down to move the pan for me.

Right after I said that, this happened.

The glass case to our early 1900 clock opened up. This case cannot open on its own..never has. We keep it locked with the key. But when it opened that night, I looked up first to the clock, and then back to the portrait....and he was looking back at me.

I'm not saying the man in this portrait saved our house from burning down....but I DO BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!!!

This is a true that I just cannot explain....

Take care everyone, Janice


  1. I had a lot of things happen since my Mom passed away, I think it her way of telling me
    she is still with me. Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. Janice,
    I believe your ghost is an angel to have protected your home from harm! I do believe, I have had things happen in our home that are unexplained at times. One thing that we can't explain is the 11 11 numbers. After my mom passed away all of our family members started seeing the clock at 11:11 no matter where we were - morning or night. When I mentioned my experience of every day out of the blue looking at the clock at that exact time.. they were all going OMG.. cause they all had experienced it also! We just figured it was our angel mother reminding us all at the same time to be thinking of her..LOL. It may sound strange but it is what it is. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Oh Janice-
    At the risk of being labeled one of "those," I have to say I truly believe you and know whatcha mean! I could do a whole series of posts on the strange happenings we had several years ago - and culminated into what I call "The Leaving." Since, it's been quiet - and for that I am grateful - as our presence wasn't quite as benevolent as yours seems to be. Take good care & thanks for sharing ~ Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  4. Hi Janice, Yep it happens, my parents were antique dealers, and they had brought home an item, after that my father started seeing this little white ball just appear and then drop and disappear, and you couldn't find it, they had several weird different things happen over the years. Just creepy, I often think about that when I bring old objects into the house. Vicky

  5. Good morning Janice. Looks like a lot of us ladies can relate to your experience. I believe in spirits also, Mr. P. swares our house has spirits inside. Several times over the years we have experienced unexplainable things happen. We built our home where our old homeplace once stood. Right after we moved in Mr. P. says he came in one night and an old man and womam was in the living room. My grandparents use to live in the old homeplace so I say it was them visiting our new home. Who knows, but I certainly don't make light of things when I hear them. Thank goodness SOMEONE was watching out for you and there was no disaster. Have a Happy Mohter's Day.

  6. I figure we live in a spiritual world-not just physical, we are spirits too. Some of us are "aware" and some are not. That's a great picture Janice! ~*~Lisa

  7. My worst thing was a early 1800's carved wood childs foot with leg brace and the worn high button shoe still on the foot.I was drawn to it but once I had it,had to get rid of it.I think anyone who deals in antiques long enough brings a little something home.I always get mad at hubby cause he buys old mirrors and tell him they are not coming in the house.Glad your house was saved.~Amy


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