Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Montage

Happy Memorial Day ladies and gent,
For my mini giveaway; there is a winner and it has been verified. I will announce the name tomorrow night so as not to take away from the Monday Montage.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to get outside at some point and maybe even go to a parade to honor our brave men who this day was named for or proudly displayed our flag somewhere at your own homesteads.

Or maybe you were able to kick back outside at a bbq, or be with family, or even did some outside recreational activity... or just did much of nothin' and had a simple weekend.

Whatever you did, I hope that you enjoyed doing it!

Today's Monday Montage is actually being done on Monday. Imagine that!
Today's theme is all about chairs. Chairs sometimes get a bad rap...and get taken for granted. Most magazines showcase the cabinets and the tables, and how to decorate a wall, but the chair is a very important piece too. Where else would we find ourselves after a hard day of work,  or how could you work on that special project without a chair at some point, or even to watch some tv...without the chair. Heck, I've even been known to grab a chair to reach something high up in my kitchen, and Bob uses the back of chair as his coat you see the chair is an important piece of furniture that needs to be recognized for its value in your home too!

This chair is one that one of my antique friends made for me out of an old chair and some burlap feed sacks. I added an antique coverlet pillow to this lil' make do chair and it proudly is used to showcase different items seasonally in my kitchen. Right now some red and white geraniums.

These two mustard chairs are my grand children's when they come visit. Michael's is on the left and Mikayla's the right. They can easily grab their chairs and pull up to our antique cobblers bench that we use for a coffee table and convert it into their own game table.
This little chair is over a 100 years and was my grandpa B's chair at one time.

This is an early rocker. Growing up everyone I knew had a rocker out on their front porch and actually sat out there and rocked on it daily. Now unfortunately the rocker has been cast aside and no one seems to want one anymore. Most rockers on a front porch are for display purposes only. It is a little known fact that rocking helps your heart. While you rock, your muscles move, so in essence you are having a workout and not even realizing it. Our forefathers all used rockers. It was the one chair used the most. Sometimes listening to your elders can be a good thing.
So pass the word around...rocking is good for your heart!

This is the oldest chair in my house. I have four of them, but one is now broke, and needs to be re-caned. These chairs belonged to my great gramma H and date from the mid 1870's, which makes them at least 136 years old. I also have the dining room table, which I refinished back to its original wood which is oak and Bob and I purchased some other antique chairs in an oak finish. (the white cabinet behind is a newly purchased piece that I plan on putting in the tornado room) LOL Some of my older followers will know what I mean!

Looking at this table and the previous chair, you would think they were not a match...
but I know they did at one time.
Well that is it for some of the chairs in my home that are important to me.
So remember the next time when you sit in your favorite chair...
  they too play a special part in your home which should not be overlooked.

Take care everyone,


  1. Janice, Love your collection of chairs. Love the Make-do chair. Love the back with the old burlap bag. Thanks for sharing such neat pictures. Have a Happy Memorial Day.

  2. You have some great chairs, Janice!! I can't say my chairs have half the characters yours do! Love the make-do one especially!! Have a great holiday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Janice I love that make-do chair!
    You enjoy your day and the sun and hot weather. Yippee!

  4. Your make do chair is just fabulous, thanks for sharing! I love them all , as I too have a thing for chairs! I hope you have a beautiful day! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Love your make-do chair and all your chairs. I LOVE chairs and am always picking them up at different places (Rob has threatened me about bringing another one into the house). I've got two great ones that I need to do something with; I'm just waiting for some inspiration!

  6. Great chairs!! I especially love the make-do chair. I have a real weakness when it comes to chairs, I have a real weakness for a lot of things in fact.8-)


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