Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, its good to be back...blogger had problems a few days ago and a few of us lost some posts and followers...oh it was a big ole mess...but things are back to normal again.

Today, I just wanted to show you more pics of the river that we get to see every day. We have summer visitors all over the country who visit our area just for this great river, and I just wanted to let you see what we get to enjoy living here by the water. You may click pictures for a better view.

This is the end of our dock looking up the river. It is 10 feet deep at the end here.
Bob loves fishing and I just love bringing my crafts to work on or my favorite prim magazine to read.
 Across the river is our friends from Canada.

Another shot of the end of our dock. Across the river at this angle is Walpole Island.
This island is also a Canadian Island which is owned by the First Nation Indian Reserve.
 Only First Nation natives can own land on this island.

Freighter was going by while I was out taking pics. This one was the Ojibway.

You can see a fishing boat speeding past the freighter...this gives you an idea on how big these ships are.
This freighter is 642 feet. The largest freighter on our Great Lakes is 1013 feet.

This is our little beach area.
All of the above pics were taken last Saturday.

This picture was taken this morning as we were heading to our store.
It was hazy this morning as you can see.
Living on the river like we do, when it is foggy,  the freighters blow their horns at every buoy
 to let other boats and freighters know that they are in the river.
 Its neat listening to them as they each have their own distinctive horns.

If you look close behind the trees, is this same freighter in the haze.

Well, everyone we will be going on vacation now, so I won't be able to blog anymore until we get back.
I will be sure to try and take pictures of the goodies we find for our store.

I mailed out the giveaway to Judy today, and she will post pictures of what she won once she gets her package in the mall.
Be sure to visit her blog to see her goodies at

Once I return from our trip, I will announce my next giveaway.
Take care everyone.
See you in a week!


  1. Great photos, Janice! Wow - can't believe how clear the water is on your beach! For a river! We live somewhat close to the "lowly, little" Wisconsin River - and it is an awful muddy brown. Guess because it's so small....Anywhohow - enjoy your trip!!! Stop and pick me up along the way - I need to get outta here! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  2. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Have a great vacation.

  3. Love the pics Janice! Enjoy your vacation!! ~*~Lisa

  4. Enjoyed seeing you on Thursday! We went to lunch at the spot you recommended and had a great time - the view was awesome and the food/beer was good, too! My arms even got sunburned - first burn of the season.


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