Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Beginning

But not the end.

Hello friends.
Am hoping you continue to stay tuned
with the progress of my heritage wall.

This was a blank slate until I decided
the other day to add my tribute rug here
The other wall is where I planned
to add my cross stitch pieces.

I purposely hung this rug as low as I could go.
This was our Peepers kitty.
He was a silver tabby.
I may add some cross stitch pieces above.
Not sure yet....but at least I have room if needed.
I did notice the diamonds in the rug meld with
the half diamonds in this cross stitch piece. 

The cross stitch piece to the left of the jug
actually will fit above the rug.
After I took this pic,
I realized it would it above my rug.
If I can find another cross stitch 
pattern the same size,
I may hang them there.
This will give me more space
 for my main heritage wall.
So this may turn into a half and a quarter
heritage wall.

Am loving how this looks for Spring now.

In other news,
We ended up having to purchase a new stove.
It arrives on Tuesday.
The sales associate who helped told us
appliances only last 8-10 years now.
EGAD...if only they would bring manufacturing
back to the United States.

The other day I saw my first baby swans.
Also some baby goslings (Canadian Geese)
They all were so stinking cute swimming
along their parents.
I also saw a pair of herons together.
Still no turtle sightings.

My granddaughter Mikayla turned 17 last Saturday.
Today we are headed to my daughters for
her birthday party.
It will be at the rental house
 she is currently living in.
Her house still has another month
before she can move back in.
I know she is ready.

Mary from Merry Windy Farms
asked me how to look for an antique bowl.
Hold it up and if it looks out of round,
you know you have an old one.
Imperfect means old.
Stamped Munising ones are not from
the 1800's but are still collectable.
There are many resin ones out there,
so be careful.

This one is from the 1800's.
You can see at the top it looks wonky from use.

This one from the 1700's the wood is almost
petrified and there is a lip at the bottom.

This one is a fake.
It may look real with the staples, but it is resin.

Another clue is there is no wear 
around the top at all.
Too perfect to be old.
I knew when I purchased this one it was fake.
I still use it though for displays.

Hope this helps a bit Mary.

Well off to get ready for the party.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Beginning Blessings To All!



  1. Good morning, I love seeing your displays and stitching pieces and your vintage pieces too enjoy the birthday party-
    Happy weekend

  2. I love your heritage display wall, it's coming together so nicely!
    Sorry you had to get a new stove. It really is sad how short lived appliances are now.

  3. Your heritage wall will be wonderful. And what a joy it was to see that perfectly primitive, perfectly hooked Peepers rug; love it!

  4. Happy Birthday to your grand! Your wall looks great.

  5. Your wall and corner are coming together nicely, Janice! You could actually hang both of the stitched pieces you have on top of the cabinet above the rug. Sometimes I like varying sizes of pictures together and not all matchy matchy. Happy birthday wishes to Mikayla! ~Robin~

  6. Thank you so much for the advice Janice. The trencher has a piece of metal as a patch - but like the one you showed with staples, it could still be new. I’ll see what I can find looking at it closer. It’s a shop with lots of different sellers in stalls - so the owner may not know its history. Glad the stoves coming soon but boy are they short lived. Crossing my fingers my 1950 Mae will keep holding out. Things were just made better - at least I think. Enjoy the weekend, love the newest display!

  7. Happy birthday to Mikayla!
    Your wall is off to a great start! Love it ;-)

  8. The rug looks wonderful -- both in general and in that spot. And that wall would look great with your samplers. I'm glad you saw the goslings-- aren't they adorable!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mikala!!! Have a great time at the party. You have a wonderful beginning with your heritage wall. I'm looking forward to see what else will be displayed there.
    Take care, hugs.

  10. I missed a lot of your posts! I've been pretty busy and since I couldn't sleep I decided I'd better visit my blog buddies to see what you're all up too! I loved the previous posts and all the beautiful stitching and cupboard spaces that are a tribute to your Grandmothers. Happy birthday to your Granddaughter and a belated Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom. Sounds like you had a lovely day with her. I have to blog this week before I forget how! Take care Janice

  11. Happy Birthday to all the May birthdays!! :-)
    Our Atticus has a May birthday. :-)

    I enjoy hearing about the birds you see and it is fun to see the babies too. Any turtle sightings? We saw a big snapping turtle sunning himself.
    Love, Carla


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