Tuesday, May 14, 2024

May CupboardScape

Good morning friends.
For today's cupboardscape
I wanted to share items
that would remind me of 
my foremother's.

My great grandmother's would have worn
boots similar to these.

My mom use to starch my dad's shirts in the day.

This was my maternal grandmother's
sewing machine. 
All the mother's in my life
cared for their children. 

Hoops and yarns also reminded me
of my maternal grandmother.

My paternal grandmother always wore
a bonnet while tending her garden outside.

Bonnets would have also been worn by my
great grandmother's.

My paternal gramma quilted.
She loved the colors of pink and yellow.
This was the reverse side of the quilt
from my April cupboarscape.

I have many memories of all of my foremother's.
Each has shaped me into the woman I am today.
I am so grateful to have had them in my life,
although I never met my great grandmother's,
their stories passed down have also molded
me into whom I am today.
I am so thankful for all of their knowledge and
sacrifices they made to provide the life
I now enjoy.
It was a hard life back in the day.

In other news,
my mom enjoyed her stay with us.
Her and I watched cheeky Hallmark movies
all Mother's Day.
Bob brought home pizza and salad for dinner
after the store closed.

I missed seeing the Northern Lights.
Friday I forgot and my neighbors did see them. UGH
I stayed outside for almost 2 hours Saturday
night and the clouds moved in.
Last night I had to get to bed early for work.
I saw pics from where my mom lives,
and they were spectacular there as well.
Oh well maybe next time.
I know a few of you saw them.

May Blessings To All!


  1. I really enjoyed all the items that would have been used by your foremothers. They did have a hard life.
    Glad you had a nice time with your mom.
    I missed the Northern Lights too. I was reading and checked FB before going to bed, only to see what all my town was seeing. I was too late. The next night we went out, but only saw a flicker. I was pretty frustrated with myself!

  2. I missed the lights too.
    It is so funny - those days look harder then these days - but I would like to go back and visit for a day. They sure worked harder than we did. Love looking at the items tho.

  3. You must have a huge attic or basement to store all your antique treasures. Thanks for this show.

  4. You were lucky, getting to know your great- grandmothers. I didn't even know any of my grand mothers (or grandfathers).
    I like the picture with the sewing machine.

  5. I love your displays to honor your family my maternal grandma always wore a bonnet outdoors working too and she did a lot of quilting for charities with her church.
    I saw online the northern lights were in my area but I never could see them-perhaps too many lights on the lake
    have a good new week

  6. Sweet memories...and sweet treasures. It makes for a beautiful mother's day tribute. You are so fortunate to have your grandmother's sewing machine. I only ever knew my maternal grandmother and my paternal great grandmother...and then just for a too-short time. Although I'm not much for Hallmark movies, it sounds like a fun time with your mom. ~Robin~

  7. I love that you’re honoring those women – long days, hard work, sacrifice – a definite example of strong women for today. I don’t think we see that anymore I know I follow my grandmother‘s lead, my mom is more of a city girl😊. I don’t know if you’ve seen the PBS show frontier house – it was in 2002, they took three modern Day families and put them back in. I believe 1883 surroundings – some thrived and some didn’t. It was really interesting to me Let me know if you would like see it. I think I can pin down episodes online to watch for free.

    Also a quick antique question – I’ve wanted an old dough bowl forever, and I saw one in a shop recently – brand new ones are pretty good imitation – any tips on how I can make sure it’s really old? Thanks, Janice always appreciate you!

  8. This is so lovely a post for Mother's Day week. I'm glad your mom had fun on her visit. You're not the only one who missed the lights -- and for us, it wasn't for lack of trying!

  9. Hi Janice, I enjoyed your post.
    We saw a wee bit of the Northern Lights, it was hazy here. I did see some photos, and they were amazing. I loved the pinks.
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  10. You are lucky to have so many good memories of your foremothers.
    I, too, missed the northern lights. Friday they were spectacular over Lake Erie, just two blocks from where I live. How did I not know about it??? Saturday was cloudy and they could not be seen. I am truly devastated I missed them ;-(


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