Tuesday, September 26, 2023

September CupboardScape

Hello frends!
Well Autumn is officially here.
With that comes my September CupboardScape.
Sometimes I really need to think about my
monthly displays, however when the months
of September thru December come along...
it so much easier.
So without further ado, here we go.

This quilt patterned pillow is
made entirely from wool.

For some reason I love blue and yellow together.

A small yellowware bowl on top of a yellow firkin.

More yellowware bowls.

Another one.
Can you tell I decided to pull in mostly yellows
for this display.

Some dried grasses.

Indian corn.

Another yellowware bowl.
This one the blue stripes are a bit brighter.

More grasses and sunflowers.

Kept my crock pitcher here from last month 
and added them to it.

Very old Sweet Annie which is no longer green.
However if I rub my hand across it the smell
still permeates.
I love the smell of Sweet Annie!
The gold striped flax grain sack is behind.

Right side of the display.

Left side.

Entire display.
I so love the colors of Autumn.
For those who love primitive decor,
you may notice your cabinets pop more
when displaying Fall colors.

In other news,
still having nightmares about the snake incident.
Found out my neighbor across the street
 had one in his yard a few years back.
I was blissfully happy being ignorant that
they were in our area here.
Now it really bothers me, not only for me,
but for Tundra too.
Fox snakes, Ribbon snakes and Garters dont bother me.

Working feverishly on getting my Christmas
goodies finished for the store.
Elves and reindeer ready for their coffee bath.
Santa's completed.
Once done with this,
will be spending my time on other projects.

The days are getting shorter for sure.
Detroit Edison raised their rates this month.
Almost had a heart attack when I saw the bill.
This is going to be an expensive Winter.
Bidenomics sucks.

Well friends,
Have to get to work.
Moved my work desk to our living room,
so Bob could work in the back.
I will do anything I can to get this room done.

September Blessings To All!


  1. I also love Sweet Annie and have a huge bunch in my wool room which I rub my fingers on as well to activate that sweet scent.

  2. A snake. Boo, hiss. I hope it moves away from your house. I love all the yellowware. You have it arranged so nicely.

  3. I love your fall look!
    I've never heard of Sweet Annie and I'm intrigued.
    I would be a bit freaked out by the snakes too!

  4. I love your fall look and your yellow ware. I have a few bowls but I use them I feel like things just taste better when made in them.

  5. I'm over here from Mari's blog and your blog is lovely. I so enjoy the primitive look too.
    I am one of your followers now.

  6. Perfect fall vignette ~ but your decorating is always perfection!
    My electric bill has doubled. All health insurances going up for next year. Prescription plan has also doubled. I will once again be losing money next year.
    I think you know how I feel about Bidenomics ;-(

  7. Another lovely vignette. I love the rich, soothing and moody colors of fall. My house echoes them all year long but, this time of year, the oranges become a bit more pronounced and front and center. Electric bills are crazy these days...can't wait to see the fuel/propane costs this year. Just gotta shake your head...either that or cry. ~Robin~

  8. I am catching up on my favorite blogs. I enjoy all your decor. And our kitchen is blue and yellow. ;-) I am a fan of the two colors together as well.
    We just received a post card telling us our water and sewer rates will increase in the next billing cycle. I agree with Robin, you just shake your head... either that or cry!!!

  9. I love yellowware and I love Sweet Annie...absolutely perfect!

  10. I wonder how much of that is your area (prices). I've noticed a lot of things are pretty reasonable here. True, gas spikes up once a week for two days, then down. But food seems less and my electric and water bills both dropped. Go figure. Love the prims for autumn! The snake? Not so much!

  11. You always put things together so well! I love blue and yellow also and use it through my home too. Had to read your previous post and I love your store too! We were almost going to stop in but not sure where you are located and by the time we were heading home we were tired of driving! Also just tired I guess! One of these weekends will find me there! I was shocked about the snake too! Holy cow I would have probably got Jack to get rid of it...those who are against killing things might not agree but I would sure worry about my dog and me. I don't mind the other non poison snakes because they eat mice and such but I draw the line at rattlers! Glad no harm was done to you and Tundra. I can't believe September is almost gone. I have atleast two posts to put up so before the end of this month I'll get it done! Prairie Peddler festival is this weekend, you should come down!

  12. Hi Janice. Love all your displays and the yellowware. You have such great collections. Our gas and electric has been way too high long before Biden came along and don't think we would have had the really bad fires if the company had done their job years ago..Have a wonderful fall..xxoJudy

  13. That wool pillow is gorgeous! What a wonderful find. I also love blue and yellow together. Your items make a perfect cupboard scape.

  14. As always, your vignette is just so lovely. I had to look up what Sweet Annie was. I know it by another word. Artemisia.
    I too am late catching up on my favorite blogs.

    I hope that you don't see anymore snakes in your yard. I wouldn't want to share my yard with a poisonous snake.

    Take care and stay safe and Tundra too.
    Hugs, Julia


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