Sunday, September 10, 2023

Mad To Pieces

The day has come to reveal the entire
Mad Scientist Halloween room.
This took Bob and I a total of 11 hours
just to set up, then I had to price everything.

*** WARNING***


Grab a cuppa coffee, tea, soda,
or whatever you like to drink.
Sit a spell and I hope you enjoy. 

Well another year of Halloween
 decorating behind us.
I love it when folks come in and comment.
Especially love seeing the kiddos faces.
There was one scary item that I purchased,
which I had no idea it was at the time.
It is the face in the picture before this last one.
It was so scary, I would not leave it on.
I purchased two and one did sell.
We cannot find the second one to put out,
so guess it will be for next year.

In other news,
we have kept the house windows open until yesterday
when the rain came in.
It was nice while it lasted a few days.
Could not cook on the grill and we planned
on doing a chicken stir fry.
I had to do it on the stove, but still was good.

Bob started the back room transformation.
 I am over the moon at just the start.
This is going to be a major job on one wall.
Like the show "Love it or list it",
I am going to

Mad To Pieces Blessings To All!



  1. I love those white pumpkin candy containers. You out did yourselves this year.

  2. Oh this is so much fun! I love the Bride of Frankenstein head and the clever negatives "drying" and the eerie glow...I can see how the kids (and adults) will just be fascinated by it all...I hope sales are through the roof!

  3. Good morning-I can appreciate all of your hard work setting up your shop-enjoyed all the photos Hoping you have lots of sales. good luck with your redo Happy new week Kathy

  4. So cool! You did an awesome job and I so hope it all sells out! I love that skeleton with the light glowing in his chest. That's fabulous! You triple Frankensteins on the shelf look like a Frankenstein nutcracker I have. It's probably 25yrs old or more. Love it! I can see why it took so long.

  5. Wow, your sure had your work cut out for you and Bob. That must have taken you for ever to unpack, display and price not to mention taking photos and putting them on your blog. All time consuming. Thanks for sharing your Halloween shop with us.

    Hugs, Julia
    Job well done. I hope it sells well.

  6. Wow - that was a lot of work! You did good. I like the Jeepers, Creepers sign.

  7. much fun packed in one room. I can only imagine the folks that look forward to coming each year just to see what you do each year. Kinda like a haunted house but without an admission price unless you want to take some treasures home. Best for a person like me to stay away...far away...from a place like this LOL. ~Robin~

  8. Wow - looks great. I think you would like my Hawthorne Munster's Village. I inherited it from my sister and my husband puts it up every October. It's fun.

  9. What a fun room! Wish I was closer to come take a personal look!!!

  10. Wow!!!! I would love to shop your store! Wonderful job

  11. Very cool! I also wish I could shop on your store. So many great Halloween items.

  12. You did a fantastic job. I love the lighting, the mad scientist, is he full size? I see him peeking in photo #3.


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