Friday, September 22, 2023

Falling In Love With My Store

Another heavy picture post.
Items from all of the Autumn goodies
for sale.
Almost 300 hundred items have sold.
I keep re-arranging things every Saturday morning. 
This is a good thing,
and I still have lots of goodies left.


In other news,
Wednesday afternoon had me going outside
wondering what Tundra was barking
at this time.
All Summer it has been this Ribbon Snake.
Well this time it happened to be a juvenile
Massasauga Rattlesnake.
The only venomous snake 
we have here in Michigan.
I have lived here all of my life 
(64) years and have NEVER seen one.
Cannot say that anymore.
It was coiled up with its tail rattling.
Here I was just in my slippers trying
to get Tundra away from it before it bit him.
We were both lucky.
If it had bit him in the face,
it could have been fatal.
Now I am really afraid to go outside in my own yard.
I told my neighbor because I wanted
them to be aware since they garden.
They were so surprised as they have lived here
a lot longer than my 21 years here in this
part of Michigan.
It is very un-nerving as I hate snakes to begin with.

Took both my mom and Bob to their eye appts yesterday.
Bob's dark spot on his eye is slowly getting better,
but no reason given as to why 
he is getting the dizzy spells lately.
A cataract is forming also on the good eye.

My mom is starting to get glaucoma in her one eye.
However her eye disease has not progressed any.
This is partial good news.
They both have appts again in March.

My grandson has decided to drive to Maine
to meet these online friends of his.
We are all worried he is going into a bad situation,
but have been unable to talk him out of it.
My daughter is mentally exhausted.
He is 20, so he is of legal age.
I pray nothing happens to him.
He has very little money, no plan,
and a car that is on its last leg.
Please say a prayer for him.
We need all we can get.

Well friends,
I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!
Happy Autumn.

Falling In Love With Fall Blessings To All!


  1. I see you had help rearranging your store in the background of a photo. OMG, close call for you and Tundra and glad you evaded the snake. Frankly Tundra is lucky the snake did lunge at him when he started barking.
    Scary world out there and hope your grandson won't find himself in a bad situation. Hope someone has his phone tracked so the family can see his location and keep in contact with him.

  2. I used to want to open up a small booth at a antique store. It was affordable 16 years ago - now, not so much. You have very nice items. I hope you sell a lot.

    I'd be concerned too, with any young person traveling off - not knowing these online "friends." I do hope he stays safe.

    I would be afraid to step outside if a poisonous rattlesnake was in my yard. Can you call animal control to come out and get it?

  3. Someday I need to come to the other side of the state and find your store. Cute stuff!
    Yikes on the snake. I've never seen one here either.
    Praying for your grandson. My co-worker is dealing with the same thing. Her son is off to TX for an online friend. It's so hard!

  4. Your store looks wonderful...and yay on the sales. Welcome to my world of snakes. ☹️ I'm just grateful it's getting on time for them to go nighty night. Oh, gut-wrenchingly worrisome about your grandson. I watch way too much ID tv I know...but I also know that there is not way of stopping him. He...and your family...will have my many prayers. ~Robin~

  5. Great news on store sales.
    Prayers that your grandson stays safe. At 20 they are invincible and no changing their mind. My heart aches for the worry he is causing you and his mom.

  6. ewww snakes, that's all I have to say! Very rarely have I seen one here, but a rattlesnake would definitely make me nervous - I'm glad the story ended well. I'm sorry to hear of health issues...that's always such a worry. And you're the kids grow up, I realize I can't make their decisions as if they're little...the world can be such a scary place, I just hope I've taught them well and they remember. (Along with a mom's reminder if needed and lots of prayers.)

  7. Your store is looking mighty nice. I'm not surprised that your sales are going well. Prayers for your grandson for his safety.
    That was a close call for Tundra. The snake could have bitten either of you.

    Take care and be careful.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. I love it ALL!!! Blessings to your grandson; I have already said a prayer for him.

  9. I wish your son well in his trip and hope that his online friends are as honest online as the bloggers I've followed and later met in person. And you! You be careful out there -- maybe you should use a walking stick just in case. I'm so grateful Tundra was OK. Snakes scare the poop out of me. But especially poisonous ones.

  10. Well hello! I just popped over from Mari's blog, where she shared so many pretty pictures from your home. I was smitten so I've been poking around. I just adore your style...and you have a shop. I'll have to investigate that a bit further. I'm sorry to hear about your snake, that's terrifying. I also hope your grandson is safe. I have kids that age and yes, you can't tell them what to do and they view the online world in whole different way. Off to poke around a bit more!


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