Monday, September 18, 2023

How Many Hats Do You Wear


Hello friends!

A while back a customer
came into the gift shop
and asked if I was retired yet.
When I said no, she said.
WOW how can you work full time
and still work here on weekends?
Well there are two reasons.

First it saves on paying a worker....
and with inflation store sales have been down 24%.
We need to save money where we can.
(three shops recently closed in town)

Secondly I am still working from home, 
so it gets me out of the house
Plus I love to talk to folks.

The bonnet on the right is an antique one.
The others are repos.

These two bonnets on the right are the real McCoy.
The brown one on the left is a repo.

Well talking to this customer
got me thinking.
How many hats do I wear?
So hear goes.

1. Daughter
2 Daughter- In Law
3. Sister
4. Sister-In-Law
5. Mother
6. Wife
7. Gramma
8. Aunt
9. Great Aunt
10. Niece
11. Cousin

12. Friend
13. Employee
14. Co-Worker
15. Store Owner
16. Neighbor
17. Parishioner
18. Pet Mom
19. Blogger

On the wall around my doorframe
is an apple butter paddle.

Next to it a very long wooden spoon.

On my pine cabinet is my favorite bunny.
Made from wood, I purchased this in the 80's.
Stone fruit also in an early rye basket.

Paired with some wood bowls
including this blue beauty.

I don't often show this piece.
It is a butter churn with a crank.
Much easier to churn butter.

Now that I have told you the many hats I wear.
(maybe there are more...not sure)
How many hats do you think you wear?

In other news,
a friend of mine told me that six weeks
from the last thunderstorm in September
is when the first snow arrives.
We had a thunderstorm yesterday,
so now the first snow will be October 28th.
I am going to keep track of this to see if she is correct.
Am hoping we have more thunderstorms now.
For those in the snow belt area,
would love to know if this prediction is true for you.

Bob worked a little bit more on
 our back room  Saturday.
When I say a bit, he put up one board.
He was feeling dizzy and had a headache
so laid down most of the day.
I told him he was doing too much
by trying to unload the van in one day.
He is no Spring chicken anymore.
He is fine now.

I applied for Medicare last week.
Now I am feeling old.

Carla asked me if I need to buy 
the dried tobacco each year. 
I take a water bottle and spritz it when it
starts to feel like it is drying up.
This will help keep it last for along time.

Well better get to work.
Return to office has been postponed 
to November 6th now, so I get to work
from home a bit longer.

Hats Off To You Blessings To All!


  1. Will be interesting to learn if that is when the first snow comes. I can't remember when the last thunderstorm was here. I've been on Medicare for a looong time, lol. Glad Bob is feeling better. I have a couple bonnets so can't be called a 'collection'.

  2. I like this post, because it makes me think... That's a fancy Butter Churn. The one I used when I was a kid was a big stoneware glazed churn with a round wooden cover with a hole in it and a hand held beater with a wooden cross that I had to beat up and down to make butter.

    I wear many hats too but I never counted them. I just might have to count one of these days. lol.

    Interesting about winter predictions. I've beeb seeing lots of brown Bear Caterpillar in the gardens and none have a black stripe on them. They are totally a rusty color. I wonder what it means.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Julia...according to "our" lore, the more rust, the milder the winter; the more black, the harsher.

    2. Thank you for this Robin, I sure could use a milder winter.

  3. That's allot of hats you are wearing-and I haven't heard that said in a very long time, although I did recently see a commercial to eluded to all the hats someone was wearing.
    I didn't start feeling old-like really a senior-til this year I will be 74 next year, have to more careful doing heavy projects.
    I love seeing your vintage items Happy new week Kathy

  4. You always put together the best vignettes.
    I wear many of those hats, but also a hooker hat . . . lol!

  5. Nice bonnet collection. How many hats? More like how many lives have I lived LOL. I've heard that saying about thunderstorms but really never tracked it as my over-analytical mind wonders what happens if it thunders briefly while I am asleep and don't hear it? Just like how many times it needs to snow on Robin before spring arrives. If it snows, then stops, then starts 10 minutes later, is that 1 snow or 2? Can you tell I gave my mother, who lived by these adages, absolutely nuts?? 😂 ~Robin~

  6. Thank you for answering my question.
    I wear a lot of hats too. Your list was fun to read and made me chuckle.
    Happy New Week!

  7. It's a lot of hats - and I bet there are more you aren't thinking about right now.
    I Like the bonnets, that churn is so cool!
    I hope your friend is wrong about the snow. I am really not ready for that!

  8. We've had some rain but I don't think it was a thunder storm. Hopefully that means snow comes in January..or February! There's a commercial where a lady is wearing lots of hats. I feel like that sometimes. Tons of hats that I change from hour to hour! I found a bonnet in the office parking lot and I suspect is belonged to one of Jack's Amish patients. Never got claimed though! You wonder how many ladies wore those bonnets and what their life was like. Just like the butter churn many hands spent time churning that!

  9. I'm glad Bob's OK. I've been having some lightheaded/dizzy moments lately and the doc today told me to really drink a lot of water, for what it's worth. Hats. Well, here are a few: life partner/stepmom/ grandma/cousin/friend/artist/cook/blogger/reader/mentor/cat-mom/housekeeper/writer/genealogy helper/photographer/activist/and a few more!

  10. I hope Bob is feeling all right and not over doing it again.
    Nice tip about the thunderstorms. We had thunder last week. If that holds, then early November will be our first snowfall. I will keep you posted.

  11. Time to enjoy what matters!
    Can't wait to hear about this snowfall. Aloha!

  12. What an interesting shop. I hope Bob is feeling better. The bonnet was nice and I relate to wearing many hats.

  13. Hoping your husband is feeling better, You do wear a lot of hats. I probably wear 19 or 20 myself. Those bonnets, antique and repro ones, are beautiful.


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