Monday, September 26, 2022

Its Fall Y'All

Hello friends!
Fall is on the calendar now,
and here in Michigan is surely has turned.
We went from 85 to 65 in a day.
Night temps down in the 50's.
Bob even turned on the heat.
Today a cold cold rain all day.
Rain we could have used in the Summer.

Today I wanted to show a bit of Fall 
at the store.

More inventory came in today,
so after dinner we headed back to the store
to check it in.
I will post more pics of that later on.

Actually this is just a part of the Fall displays.
Also I was quite surprised to see another
Christmas box come in as well. 

I have to pre-order all of my Christmas
in January, so when it all comes in
it is like opening up Christmas presents to me!

Yesterday I had a customer tell me she loves
to shop quaint little shops because of their

I also had a rude realtor wanting a gift
to present to her buyer.
It had to be something hunting related,
and they dont have a house.
I politely told her we are a river town,
and I only purchase water themed products.
"Well I have an hour to get something
and they are handing me a $12,000 check."
Again I politely said I am sorry, I dont
have what you are looking for.
She bought three candles and a large
witch sign.
When she left, I did say to myself,
well the witch sign fits her perfectly.
 I also said maybe she should have bought something 
days ago if she knew she had a closing.

I also had a customer tell our worker,
whomever purchases the merchandise
for this store does an amazing job.
That made me feel good.

I have been in the service industry for 46 years.
I have always told myself the customer 
is always right. even though sometimes
I know they are not.
Even at work, I once had a customer
continue to swear at me.
I finally said,
Sir, if you swear at me one more time,
I m going to hang up on you.
He swore. I hung up.
He called me back and apologized.
We worked out his problem.

My dad always told me you can get more
flies with honey than vinegar.
Just be nice to others.

Working the store I know there will be days
where someone will come in and 
not purchase anything.
There will be days when all they 
want is to use the restroom.
I have come to expect it.
Its the rude ones that I dont understand.
Am always polite though.
I love my store and a few bad apples
are not going to spoil my fun.
I love talking to folks.
I even had a customer come in asking
if I had any more ghost stories.
We do have ghosts in our antique store,
and this is the time of year they tend to get
more active.

Any hoot,
sorry for my long rant.
Am loving all of the Halloween shows
on Food Network now.
So many talented folks out there.

Well off to find a snack 
and watch some tv.
Have a wonderful week friends!

Monday Evening Blessings To All!


  1. Dealing with the public there are always the good, the bad and the ugly. Hmmm, there's a movie called that, lol.

  2. I think your store looks amazing with just these few pics! One day we'll take a ride up north to see it in person. I know what it's like to deal with the public and sometimes it's enough to make me forget I'm a lady! Ha! I deal with folks in health care and I try to remember that they are seeing us on their worst day, hungry, tired, scared, or in pain. So we just grin and bear it! I think you need to post about the ghosts in your store! That would be a great Halloween post! I hope you have a good week and I'm enjoying our cooler weather even though it has been a bit rainy. Take care Janice

  3. I shop at local stores as much as possible I was just in a little main street store this week picking up a gift. You have some lovely pieces.

  4. Your displays are super. I don’t have a thick enough hide for bad customers. Good on you

  5. Janice, I enjoy your rant posts. It is nice to read that we all are doing our best to deal with "some people" and your advice is right on.

    Do share more ghost stories. :-)
    Love, Carla

  6. Your new merchandize looks amazing.Over the 20 years in my shop, I've had some rude customers but they were the exception. I was firm but polite and took a deep breath when they left. lol... Most of my customers were great and we had a good relationship. 10% of the people will cause 90 % of your problems. Lets face it, there is a whole variety of personalities out there and you can usually pick out the bad one as soon as they set foot in the door.
    Have a great day.

  7. Always fun things to see...appreciate you sharing your shop for those of us who are too far away to visit in person! And oh, those rude people. I simply don't understand them. Sometimes we all get a little grouchy, but then there are people who are constantly that way. I'm trying to learn to block them out...easier said than done. Sending you good thoughts and happier customers! And oh yes...share ghost stories when you can; it's the perfect time of year!! Mary

  8. As my mother would say, some people would bitch if they got hung with a new rope. Some people just can't be pleased!

  9. Hi Janice! That's so neat that you have a store. People are interesting for sure. I'm glad that most are pleasant. I haven't been keeping up with blogs in a long time, not sure if I will be around more or not. We shall see. I was looking back at my own posts and saw the sweet gifts you sent me and I had to run over here to see if you were still around! I'm glad to see that you are. :)

  10. I feel ya! I had an elderly lady call me years back. I returned the call and addressed her by her first name, which is what she left on the message. She said "excuse me, you don't know me, what makes you think you can address me by my first name, I'm Mrs...(Oh I had name). I quickly cut her off and said "I'm sorry, I will NOT be able to help you" to which she quickly added, "well, you HAVE to my ATTORNEY said you would." I said "well, as a self employed woman, I can pick and choose who I want to do business with, and I choose NOT to do business with you!" About 10 minutes later the probate assistant from this law office called me..."what happened?" I told her and she said "I wish I could do that!"

  11. I've gotten behind on your apologies, but yours is one of the blogs that I cannot comment on no how no way (as the Wizard once said) unless I pull it up on my pc...and since I've been pulled in a dozen directions lately (or so it feels), I've not managed to boot the ol' girl up. (She's finicky and I have to reset modems and routers almost always.) would be fun opening boxes of things you forgot you ordered. The older I get, the more I get that feeling every time I open a box of holiday decorations... ;-) ~Robin~


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