Thursday, September 22, 2022

Bones Buzz and a Candy Corn

Cannot believe it is Thursday already.
Where has the week gone?
My mom stayed two nights.
We went out to dinner each night.

The first thing she said to me after going
to the guest room was,
"I see you cleaned the room up."

Now for those who loved the room,
my mom does not like primitives.
Her parents moved her and her siblings
from the city to start a dairy farm.
She lived in a log cabin for years
until they built the farmhouse.
However even with a new farmhouse,
they still had no heat or running water.
I was a teen when gramma B finally added
onto the farmhouse and added a bathroom
and running water in her kitchen.
She still used the cook stove for heat in the Winter.
So you see my mom lived with primitives
until she married my dad.
She cannot understand why I would want 
to decorate my house with them.

When I spent my Summer days at grammas,
I did have to use the outhouse and bring in water.
I did learn to live with it though.
Plus I still love the pieces I have.
I do understand where my mom is coming from too.
She had a hard life on the farm.
I did not do half the things she did daily.

For those curious to know,
Bob told me the room is 10 x 10 ft.
The bed is an antique 3/4 one.
A bit bigger than a twin.

Ok onto today's post.
I created more cookies.
Named this one 

Packaged up for sale.

Also made candy corn ones.

Finally created this buzzard.
Naturally I called him "Buzz".

Well have to take Bob to the ophthalmologist
this afternoon.
Hopefully he can help him with his vision issue.
(maybe he can wear glasses)
Will see.
He still is tired in the afternoon.

Will be working the gift shop this weekend.
More Christmas inventory has arrived,
so you know what I will ne doing.
Finally worked out my Christmas mantel display.
I told Bob that I had no idea what I was going to do.
He says..."I know you will figure it out"
Well I did with the help of Pinterest.
You can always follow me on there 
to see what I am up too at
Prims By The Water.

Well gotta go to work for a bit.

What will you be doing this first Autumn weekend?

Happy Autumn Blessings To All!



  1. When I stayed with my paternal grandparents they had an inside pump but and outhouse. So help me I do remember the Montgomery Ward catalog by the holes as paper. But my parents had running water.

  2. It must be exciting when the new inventory arrives. It would be like early Christmas for you, I would think! I get why your mom isn't gung ho on primitives, but I'm glad you love and share yours. I always enjoy seeing them and your fun objects for the store, too!

  3. Ooh, Bone cookie is looking amazing.I too can see why your mom doesn't like primitive. Primitive life wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. I have my preference too for a more classy look.

    I love antiques but I prefer the high quality craftsmanship and the exotic wood but they are so pricy. I have a distaste for todays massed produced furnitures. They are so basic and have no appeal at all. I love oak wooden floors and detest carpeted rooms. I love area rugs for accent. Oh my! I'm getting on my soap box, lol...

    I hope Bob get his eye problem figured out. My hubby's eyesight is deteriorating also.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your Mom sounds like a feisty gal! Ha! Everyone has their own style and we just need to enjoy it and not worry about how others like it. I hope your hubby's eyes are good and soon will be feeling better. I love your "cookies"! So cute! I'm sure your display will be fabulous like all the ones you post here! Have a good weekend. We're getting new carpet put in over this weekend. Just our room and one of the spare rooms. Hopefully will be done quickly! Take care Janice!

  5. I think you must have a special prim gene in your DNA. :~) Now I personally think you have great tastes. I am sure your mother enjoys her sleepovers among the prims.

  6. I don't think we all have to love the same things. What I enjoy about bloggers is that each of us have a special passion about something that is important to them. That is what I admire the most. I too, love collecting things from the past. I lean more towards the victorian oak for furnishings; but I see a lot of your treasures that I would enjoy in my home as well. Glad you get that special time with your mom.

  7. My mom had a hard life too, in different ways. We are so blessed!

  8. Janice, love all the new things you have created. When we were first married and started collecting antiques, my mom was very outspoken about why would anyone ever collect antiques. She was fed up with them because that is all she grew up with. It was just junk. In her later years though she changed her way of thinking and had a pretty nice collection herself. Hope your hubby can get some help for his eye problem. It is not a fun problem to have..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  9. Love primitives too! I always wanted to live on a farm. Now I do and am so blessed. Your "cookies" are cool.

  10. I enjoy your 'cookies' .. you are so creative, I just love it!


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