Thursday, June 2, 2022

Patriotic Fruit

Hello friends!
Before I start this post, I want to thank
everyone for your comments and emails
regarding our Ace kitty.
Yesterday I finally contacted my vet
to let her know and to see if she might 
know what had happened as we thought
we were doing everything we could.
She was busy, but her tech stated she
would call me today sometime.
As a pet parent I treat all of my pets
as part of our family.
In fact we call them our kids now.
Hopefully she might be able to shed a bit of light
for us.

Now For my patriotic fruit.
Bob said a few weeks ago, 
"why dont you make some bowl fillers like you use to"?
Well I took him up on it.
Red strawberries.

White strawberries.

Faux blueberries.

A bowl filler for those who would like one.
Currently for sale at the gift shop
along with a few more Patriotic items.

Then I decided to make these.

Watermelon slices.

 Packaged for sale with more faux blueberries.
There are blueberries with these too.
Loving the red, white and blue!

In other news,
I mentioned my sister was almost in that
tornado that hit Michigan a few weeks past.
Well last week, she was in 
North Carolina for the week visiting her son.
On Wednesday she told me between
the hours of 3:30pm to 8:30pm,
they had 6 separate tornado warnings.
Each time they had to take cover.
One did touch down just east of them by a few miles.
I told her she was a jinx and I dont want
to see her this Summer. LOL

When working from home now my 3 days a week,
I moved my desk to our back room 
so I can view the freighters going by,
but now I am getting some enjoyment watching 
two chipmunks out my window.

For those old enough to remember,
they are reminding me of Chip and Dale!

Well Have to drive to work this morning.

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Patriotic Fruit Blessings To All!


  1. It is strawberry and watermelon season and you're on top of things as usual. Even the blueberries looks appetizing. I'm sure your customers are loving them.

    I hope your sister can dodge all the tornados and stay safe.
    Take care and have a good week.

  2. You're gonna have to pick up that needle, thread and pieces of fabric to create a little more often gal. Good luck with the sales. Glad your sister didn't get caught up in a tornado.

  3. Sorry about Ace. Sadly, unless there he had something the vet was keeping an eye on, she probably won't know - "just one of those things".
    I don't think I've seen fake blueberries, then again I don't get out much and don't think to look for such things while wasting time... I mean reading highly informative blogs. Nice strawberries & watermelon!

  4. I'm falling behind on so apologies. I'm sorry about Ace - they are such a part of our families. Wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

  5. Please, please, tell your sister she's not welcome in Nod. Oh one comes to Nod. Not even Summer. Fun fruity fillers... those blueberries look so very real!! ~Robin~

  6. Chip and Dale...a couple of the most violent cartoon!

  7. I'm glad you sister missed the bad weather but I wouldn't stand too close to her in a thunderstorm! Ha! I am the bad weather guru when having any outdoor event. Thankfully this year has been different so far! Love the fruit! Too cute! Be safe on your drive to work while thinking of your nice office at home!

  8. Your little strawberry fillers are so cute, but oh, those watermelon slices - so adorable! Poor Ace, sending you some hugs. And your sister does seem to have a bla k cloud following her right now, lol. So glad she ended up safe & sound. Jane


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