Tuesday, June 14, 2022

June CupboardScape

Hello friends!
I always associate June with Strawberries.

 When my kids were little we would trek to the
strawberry farm; take a hayride to the
strawberry fields and pick our own.
I always picked bushels for freezing.
The kids enjoyed themselves as they got
a ride twice, plus they were allowed to eat
some strawberries in the field.

For this cupboardscape I added
some of my original stawberries
I created years ago.

Placed them inside my cake crock.

I also added my teddy bears.
Not sure if in real life if bears like strawberries,
but mine do.

Heck they like to e the center of attention any time!

For those who have followed me now for awhile,
have seen this wood strawberry sign.
It is two sided with the original 
chains  on top to hang it.
Who knows, maybe it was from a strawberry farm
at one time.

The strawberry farm we used to go to,
is long gone now.
It was developed and many new homes
now replaced the strawberry fields.
The entrance sign to these homes
now reads
"Strawberry Knolls" 
I guess this is progress, but so glad my
kids got to experience where their
strawberries really came from...
and not a grocery store.

My favorite go to with strawberries 
is rhubarb.
I love making these pies!
Handmade strawberry shortcakes too!
Do you have a favorite recipe for strawberries.
Please share if you do.

Strawberry Blessings To All!


  1. As a kid I used to pick strawberries on a local farm with my mother which we would then enjoy at home. To this day I love strawberries oh and blueberries. Love your vintage bears.

  2. My parents grew strawberries to sell for many years. What back breaking working, but oh, were they ever tasty!!! My niece took their rather crudely handpainted "strawberries" sign. I know she had it in her flower bed. I do hope she preserved it.
    LOVE that cake crock of yours.

  3. Sweet displays, Janice...and, yes, fresh strawberries are wonderful, but that cake crock makes me swoon. You can hold the rhubarb. (But, for the record, strawberry rhubarb pie was my dad's favorite.) ~Robin~

    1. I cannot find any rhubarb in the stores. Mine died over Winter. UGH I so want a pie before the season is over. Janive

  4. I love strawberries and grew them for years and even had a little U-Pick for family and friends but developed a severe allergy to strawberries so I no longer grow them. I grow rhubarbs and make rhubarb custard pies and they are very tasty.

    Your strawberry display is lovely.
    Enjoy the strawberry season.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks Julie! Loved reading your strawberry story too! Janice

  5. I love local strawberries all by themselves. I shudder to think what they will be this year$

    1. I wish we still had some pick your own. Oh well. Janice

  6. You are far more successful with your strawberries than I am with the real ones in my garden. They are being crowded out by other plants and apparently, good bird food!

    1. I dont have any real ones. LOL Yes at my old house I placed a screen over mine so the birds did not eat them. Janice

  7. I tried to make strawberries grow well in my parents' backyard, but it didn't work. Our place is too hot for them. I always like things related to strawberries.

    Your strawberries' creations are beautiful. 🍓🍓🍓🍓

    1. Thank you! Where do you live that they wont grow in your area? Janice

  8. The strawberries and the bears are all so cute. I have never tried to raise strawberries but do love them.

  9. Thanks Danice! I love strawberry season! Janice


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