Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Patriotic Mantel

Howdy friends!
As we approach our July 4th holiday,
I decided that I needed to be more
patriotic than ever.

All because a few weeks ago I watched
a program where they asked folks on the streets
of New York City questions about our flag.

These were some of the questions,
along with the answers that were given.

1. How many stars are on our flag?
13, 51, 1 and 50
correct answer is 50

2. What do the stars represent?
I dont know, the 50 colonies, the states
Correct answer is the 50 states

3. How many stripes are on our flag?
50, I don't know.
Correct answer is 13

4. What do the stripes represent?
The states, the government, the first colonies. 
Correct answer is the first colonies.

I was shocked that so many folks
had no clue the answers about our flag.

All I could think is what are our forefathers
thinking about our country nowadays.
They fought to be a free nation,
and some don't even know what our flag stands for?
So very sad.

I consider this coverlet piece very patriotic.

As you can see this is my patriotic mantel display.
I also decided that all of my posts for July
will be different patriotic displays.
Hopefully our forefathers are looking down
into my house and are happy.

For my Canadian friends,
I wish you all a
Happy Canada Day! 

Thank you to those who sent birthday wishes to Tundra.
He is one spoiled doggie for sure!

Also Bob is still in pain with his gout,
but refuses to go to the doctor.
He can be a stubborn one.
Sometimes I just dont know about men.

Pre 4th of July Blessings To All!


  1. I watched that Jesse Watters show too and was amazed they didn't know the answer too. As for Bob ~ am sorry he is still in pain but if he refuses to go to the doctor he has earned that pain. Sadly that is a typical male response to doctors.

  2. I love your patriotic attitude and your mantel decoration is lovely.
    It doesn't surprises me that people don't know the answers to those questions. People are getting more superficial and are only interested in social media and have their nose stuck on their cell phone devices.

    I'm sorry that Bob is still in pain with the gout. Ginger is supposed to be anti-inflammatory. I wonder if he would try eating raw ginger. I freeze ginger roots and shred some and as I need it. Usually a spoonful at a time and I drink some water right away. It has helped my swollen joints and my arthritis a lot.

    Thanks , we are celebrating July 1st tomorrow, Canada Day and I also wish you a Happy 4th of July.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Bob is being a typical guy!!!
    What's even sadder than not knowing what the flag stands for, is not caring. People have to realize they live in the greatest country on earth (and to our Canadian friends, they are a close second!). Sad that so many want to go the road of socialism. They really need to look at how that worked for Venezuela.

  4. Gout nothing to be stubborn about. I agree with you, he needs to See a Doctor!

    Lovely decorations!
    Stores here either sold out or had supply chain problems. Shelves are bare except for flags.
    Happy 4th of July!

  5. Happy 4th Janice.... I will be looking forward to seeing all of your patriotic displays/posts. Yes, it is truly sad what some do not know of our history or our country. I cringe every time "Johnny" interviews people on the street. So hard to believe there is so much ignorance out there....and, unfortunately, they are the most vocal it seems. ~Robin~

  6. My hubby ate cherries when he had a bout of gout. We’d read to do this and it seemed better? Today is Canada Day and the 4th is coming! Happy celebrating! That coverlet is wow!!

  7. Happy almost July 4th and I love your mantel and the coverlet is beautiful! Red is one of my fav colors for decor. The gout probably won't cure it's self and may not get better without a docs intervention. I do hope he feels better soon or get to someone who can help him! Stubborn men! Have a good long weekend!


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