Monday, June 6, 2022

The Beast

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Saturday was nice for us here.
Sunday we had off and on rain, but we do need it.
Nights have been comfortable.
We sleep with the windows open.
Taking advantage before the humidity comes in.

Today I wanted to show you the incredible
work Bob did on transforming our front garden.
We had to redo this in its entirety since losing
many shrubs and our tree here. 
Now we have one row of birds nest yews.
Another row of bluebeard shrubs.
These will have purple flowers all Summer.
Plus a row of rocks we just purchased.
We have a rock quarry nearby, so we picked
our own.

I planted zinnias here in front.
Right behind the bunny is a red hydrangea.

The tiny grasses here grow each year.
In back is the one birds nest spruce we saved.

Here was the beast.
It kept a rabbit.
It was supposed to be a flowering red
shrub that smelled nice.
We never could smell anything even though
it did produce red flowers.
Bob started to remove the roots around the middle.

Bob was able to get rid of that beast.
He sawed it down.
Used out rotor tiller to ensure
the roots would no longer be there.
He left my butterfly bush that started to grow back.
We thought we had lost this one too.
By our sewer vent is another bluebeard shrub. 

Bob made out trellis from two old doors years ago.
The left side is our kiwi vine,
the right our honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle starting to bloom now.
Also saw my first hummingbird.
They love these flowers.

The kiwi vine is also starting to turn colors.
Each leaf will be pink, white and green.

New shrubs added in now.

Just hope these shrubs last now.

Along the house we planted three lilacs.
These are a new strain of Proven Winners.
They will bloom in May.
Then in July they will bloom again through frost.
We planted three in here as when they mature,
it will be filled completely.

Am loving our new garden.

We also purchased two red planters.
I have filled them with flowers now.
Red asters, pink and lemon petunias.

Finally I purchased these solar lights.
They are supposed to look like fireworks.
I bought three and placed them all
along the one side.
(placed the leaves on top of sensor to take this pic)
Once dark, they go on.
So cool! 

Well we are suppose to have rain for the next
three days, so I wont have to water.

Beast Blessings To All!


  1. Do you loan Bob out??? Your yard is looking lovely!!!!!

    1. Sorry I dont. Thanks Saundra though. We both did work on it, but he did most of the rotor tillering and removing the old dead shrubs and that beast. Janice

  2. That's a lot of digging. Redoing a garden is always so much work. Your garden looks very inviting. You are luck that Bob does all the hard work for you. I usually have to dig myself.
    I love the solar light details. It must be so pretty at night.
    Now enjoy your new garden spot with Bob.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes unfortunately it was. We lost many shrubs and our tree. But it looks nice now again and hopefully these will last longer. Janice

  3. Wow good for you that is a lot of work and money plants are crazy expensive this year. But it will look so wonderful lucky you.

    1. Thanks Cathy! OMG we we know how expensive those shrubs are.,,,but we needed them. Janice

  4. Looks good! I just love your trellis from the old doors. Kiwi vine is very cool :-)

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yes I love both my honeysuckle and kiwi and so do the hummingbirds. Janice

  5. I love your new garden too! How beautiful it will be all summer. The fireworks lights will be so special.

  6. The firework lights are really bright at night. I just wish they did not blink as fast as they do. Oh well, they will do. Am hoping the bluebeards bloom this year, but so sure yet. Janice


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