Saturday, June 18, 2022

Flag And Fireworks

I remembered my mom's saying:
A Day Late and a Dollar Short.
Well as I put this post together I realized
Flag Day was the 14th.
I was supposed to post this on that day.

I created this latest pillow tuck
for those who want to celebrate
Flag Day and July 4th.

I wanted to make this in patriotic colors.

The flowers centers are red glass beads.

This was my drawing.
Long May She Wave was my title.

Used wool for the entire project.

The back is the same background as the front.

With July 4th approaching fast,
I also created another cookie.

Our small town will host their
84th Pickerel Tournament Festival.
From June 30th thru July 4th.
Fireworks, parade, carnival.
Pickerel ( walleye fish) contest for adults
and one for kids.
Kayak race around the nearby islands.
4K foot race.

They will also have an antique boat show.
Chris Craft was founded here in our small town.
They created wood cruiser boats that were
sold all over the world.
Founded in 1874, the company was sold
by the family in 1960, but another company
still makes another state now.

Then there will be a Beer tent, bingo tent,
with live bands each night.
Hot dog, pie and watermelon eating contest.
Oh yeah plus all of the carnival food.
Something for everyone!
I know we will be going.

Do you live in an area where 
you have festivals for July 4th?

Do you like going to fireworks?

Fireworks & Flag Blessings To All!


  1. Sweet wool applique gal. If you only made one pillow you will surely have others asking for one. In the past I, and we, where there was a 'we' used to attend all festivals and July 4th celebrations.

  2. Your little creation are cute and the cookie looks almost edible.
    The Pickerel festival sounds like a lot of fun. A great place to meet with family and friend for enjoyment.
    I learned something new. I didn't know that pickerel was also known as walleye fish.
    Enjoy yourself. I hope the weather will cooperate for the event.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hard to believe we are approaching the 4th of July.
    I just love the old Chris Craft boats that have been restored! Such treasures.
    Here in Ohio we just call them walleye, not pickerel. Your festival sound like great fun.

  4. Love your Wool project cute !
    Chris Craft boats are just so beautiful !
    Sounds like you have lots of fun celebrations for the 4th ....we just have fireworks near the water celebrations were always fun .

  5. Another sweet creation from your hands, Janice. Hmmm, in these parts pickerel are different than walleye....they are akin to pike, if I recall. (We have a Lake Pickerel...and a town of the same name...not too far from us...and my dad loved to fish...but I could be wrong.) My father-in-law had a beautiful old Chris Craft.... It was amazing. I am reluctant to go on any boats other than a pontoon as I can't swim and have an unnatural fear of water...but I went on his Chris Craft. Who could resist?? ~Robin~

  6. I love your little pin tuck! Very sweet. We don't usually go to the fireworks but a few towns around us still have them. We always had dogs and they weren't fond of loud noise, haha. We own a 51 Chris Craft that we used to take to antique boat shows on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH and Sebago Lake in Maine, so much fun! It sits in our garage at the moment - in need of some TLC. Jan in MA

  7. I love this time of year and celebrating the 4th. Our little town has many festivals and downtown fun with food, live bands and next weekend is the hot air balloon festival and a free community old fashioned icecream social. So lots of things to do and enjoy! Have a good week and I love your pillow tuck with it's patriotic vibe!

  8. Creation are cute i better get into your store soon before I miss everything

  9. I LOVE the pillow tuck, it is so sweet and proud, I love it.
    We will be going to my parents for the 4th of July. We have a family party. We have been doing this for years. It is a grand tradition. :-)

  10. Golly, I had no idea it was flag day! I don't like fireworks, although organized shows are fun (I hate independent ones and so does Lizzie!). We have them shot across the lake from us at the county park for a rather large show each year and that's fun.


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