Monday, November 30, 2020

Oh My Tundra


Robin from the Cranky Crow asked for a Tundra update.

Robin this is for you. 

Daddy is my favorite human.
When he is here at home, I spend my time with him.

I wait for him patiently when he is outside.
Mom told me I could not go out,
because daddy had the gate open.
So I got on the couch and watched him 
through the window until he came back inside.

When mom has food at her desk,
I pay attention to her then. LOL
But mom you let the cats on the couches...
so I have the same right too!

In other news, the kitties still do not like me.
One day am hoping they do.

I so love when grandpa Ed visits me on the weekends.
He watched me the entire night mom and dad
went to that wedding.
We had fun though Grandpa Ed and I.
He even treated me to some apple slices that night.

We play squirrel every time he visits me at the store.
I have a stuffed squirrel that he throws across
the floor and I go grab it and bring it back.
We play this game every time.
I have so much fun!

This is me again waiting for food at the store.
Mom brings breakfast on weekends.
She did give me the egg I wanted.
She cannot resist these coal black eyes
staring at her.

I am 5 months old and getting
bigger every day.
I love both the rain and snow,
and mom and dad get a bit mad that 
I do not want to come inside when it rains.
Not sure why they do not like a wet dog still.
It is fun!!!

Well here is my update for now Robin.

Tundra Signing Off Blessings To All!




  1. Tundra is some cute. I couldn't resist those big black eyes either. Thanks for the update.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. AWWWWW!! THANK YOU Mamma Janice for this special update!! Tundra, you are so stinking ADORABLE!!! I know you are completely spoiled at your house, but I bet I could spoil you a little bit more - you're that precious LOL. And my kitties would love to love you. Here, they try to snuggle with Snowdog, but he's not to keen on that - especially when they play with his tail or lick his ears. ;-) Glad to see you are growing up so beautifully and hope Mamma J keeps us updated!! Have fun in the snow to come! ~Robin~

  3. Thanks for the update, Tundra. You sure are a cutie patootie...and I bet just a bit spoiled :)

  4. I enjoyed the update on Tundra. Talk about the good life! I love those black eyes!

  5. So happy to see and read about Tundra again. Interesting that he likes the rain and none of my dogs wanted to go do their business when it was raining at all. They would hold it for hours instead of getting wet.

  6. Tundra's the cutest dog ever! And getting big!

  7. Tundra, is so cute!!! What an adorable puppy!! Lecia

  8. He's adorable! I just noticed he has a little bit of tan on him with a white blaze on his face. My friend just got a puppy that looks very much like Tundra. Too too cute! Happy December..the final month of this crazy year. Take care!

  9. Aww thanks for the update! What a little cutie pie!


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