Monday, November 2, 2020

This And That

Hello Friends!

What a weekend we had.

Snow rain and snow. Ugh

Today just a bit of this and that.
Our candy jars festive for Halloween!
Soon will change to Christmas colors.

Remember those banners I made.
2 rows across the ceiling beams.

The beautiful bride and her sister.

Daughter Corisa being funny with her mask.
Gotta love her. LOL

The venue provided these
skeleton masks for those whom did not bring one.
What a fun idea since the wedding 
was on Halloween.

   The wedding and reception
was at the same venue 
and so was the hotel...
which we chose to stay for the night.
When was the last time you saw a phone
 in the bathroom? 

Our entire bath at the hotel was marble.
We had a safe in our room as well.
Not use to staying in such fancy a room.

The venue was gorgeous.
The food was even better!
Prime rib, breaded chicken in a cream sauce,
with fresh green beans, carrots
and mashed potatoes with a beef onion gravy.
At 10pm came the sundae bar.
At 11pm was the pizza bar.
We left at midnight and went up to our room.
Us parents were tuckered out by then.
Not use to staying up that late. LOL

Of course our pocketbook is lighter now.
At least we were paying for this wedding 
in increments since last year...
so it did not hit us all at once.
The newlyweds did not go on a honeymoon.
They close on their new home tomorrow...
and that was more important to them.

Well tonight will spend more hours getting
the gift shop ready for Christmas.
Spent 3 hours last night...
and it seems not much got accomplished.
Wish I had some time off to just go 
there all day and get it done,
but alas have to work.

Hope you all enjoy your start of the week.

This And That Blessings To All!


  1. sounds like fun I thought most hotels had a safe.
    Nice they passed out masks and I agree a house is more important

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fabulous time and a wonderful reception. I'm not sure I could eat a sundae at 10pm followed by pizza even later after such a delish dinner! I guess this old gal would head up to bed too! Congrats to the happy couple and I think a new house is good honeymoon tradeoff!

  3. What a wedding venue. Very elegant and such beautiful daughters...even with a!

  4. I bet you are breathing a sigh of relief that everything went well despite this Covid-19 inconvenience. Closing on their house instead of going on a honeymoon makes a lot of sense to me. I'm with Yaya, I couldn't eat that late at night after a big supper either. Yep, I'm getting old too. Congratulations to the newly wed.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Such a beautiful venue!! Congratulations!!! Such beautiful daughters!

  6. Ok....I will try this ONE more time and then I am giving up. I've tried ti 3x and when I hit "publish," it has disappeared...poof! Anyways.... It looks and sounds like a beautiful wedding. And, yup....I surely could do a sundae...even after that incredible meal LOL. I think they made a wise choice taking house over honeymoon...especially in these days. We didn't have a honeymoon either as we could not afford it. Always said we'd do it "later," but that has never happened....Sigh. Good luck getting Christmas up.... I, too, have to start thinking about taking down Halloween soon. Bigger sigh. ~Robin~

  7. Nice wedding and on Halloween! Congratulations!

  8. What a fun wedding and terrific festivities. The room sounds rather elegant, too! Big smiles.

    My Halloween will probably come down tomorrow. It got up a little late so I need another day or so with it to make me smile.

  9. Congratulations! The venue looked amazing. Smart couple - house is more important. Good luck with staging the shop. I plan to start selling Christmas next week. I do have people asking for Christmas .... already. I like Thanksgiving decorations first. Have a good day.


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