Tuesday, November 17, 2020

There's Gnome Place Like Home

 What a Sunday we had.

Winds up to 65 mph and we lost power at both stores. 

Thankfully we had power at home.
I swear the white caps on the river were big enough to surf.

Today I am showing my lil gnome pillows 
that I created to sell.

I decided to have a gnome area for Christmas.
For Halloween they were at our counter.

Gnomes in many cultures are known for
good luck.

The first known gnome was created
in the 1800's in Germany.

Gnomes are said to provide protection
as well and are placed in barns and gardens.
Unfortunately the original makers stopped
producing them with the world war as their
factories were destroyed.

Don't you just love these gnome lidded mugs.
I think they are so adorable! 

A little corner of good luck at our store....
hmmm wonder why they did not
protect us from the power outage.
Not to mention three wood fence panels
came crashing down in the parking lot,
which we now have to replace.
This fence provides privacy to the homes
directly behind our stores.
We would love to put a block wall up....
but alas cannot afford that right now.

No power yet yesterday either,
so hopefully we can re-open today.

Gnome Blessings To All!



  1. WOW! Our power flickered here and there, but thankfully, it did not go out. I hope yours comes back on soon...it's getting a little chilly!!

  2. We had that same storm.I drove home from being with Jack in the hospital happily finding lights on. The Walmart is still closed today because of no power and other places too. We had a little snow today and then it's going to be up on the 60's later this week! I love the gnomes! They are very popular and I think people need the good luck they are supposed to bring!

  3. The gnomes are adorable! As they say, "There's no place like GNOME!"

  4. Hoping this finds your power back on. Wind can be so scary and damaging! Just love all of your gnomes!

  5. Maybe the gnomes were busy holding the roof on the building?

  6. Oh, Janice, hope the power came back on. We experience that quite often but it is even worse for the stores. Little gnomes are cute and fun..Stay well..xxoJudy

  7. Sorry to hear of your power outages... We had horrendous winds as well (50+ mph) and many things blown about, but thankfully, we kept our power. I really and truly dislike wind.....and ice. Cute gnomes. For some reason, I was never really drawn to them....which I find somewhat surprising because, as a child, I LOVED troll dolls...and I find them to be a bit similar. ~Robin~

  8. This is really the year for gnomes. I love your little gnome pillows and I am not really a gnome person, but I enjoy seeing them on display. I would probably opt for one of those, or the Halloween guys.


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