Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Snow Time

 Is now here for awhile.

Am not a fan of snow,
however this year it does not seem so bad.
Maybe because I do not need to drive in it
for work.
I may have to occasionally when I work the store,
but the drive will not be that far.

Today I show off our snowman area
of our gift shop.

On the left is a package that has all the fixins
to build your own snowman.
Hat, scarf, eyes, nose, pipe.
I also have mittens in both cream and red.

Lots of fun ornaments.

Both in wood, metal and glass.

Paperwhite flowers,
and handmade framed snowman pictures
 that I created.

I so love the red and green lights overhead.
Makes our room so festive!

Snowman heads, hats, and a prim snow mitten
I also created.

The corner all set up,
including the tree I decorated with
the ornaments that are for sale.

I forgot to take a picture
of the garland on this tree.
It is a garland of leaves made from birch bark.
It is so cool and I only have a few left.
I will have to remember to take one
and show it in another post.

Also today I am 62 years young.
No birthday celebration here today.
I wanted a carry out on Sunday
from one of our local restaurants.
We both had lobster ravioli
and a salmon spread appetizer that we love.
It was my birthday treat! 

Well have to get back to work.

Snow Time Blessings To All!


  1. Happy Happy birthday! You are just a baby in my 67yr old eyes! Your display is so darn cute and I know all will sell out quickly. You are surrounded by Winter and Christmas cheer in your stores. Enjoy your special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Janice. In 3 days (December 5th) I'll be 79. Sheesh, how did that time evaporate so quickly? Hope you do something nice for yourself for your special day.

  3. I so wish I could visit your lovely gift shop! Everything looks so pretty! Happy Birthday!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janice. I just celebrated my 74th last week.
    Your snowman displays are beautiful. You must be creating around the clock. Are you one of a Santa elf perhaps?

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Happy Birthday! How lovely your gift shop looks!
    wish I lived close enough to visit!

  6. Awwww....Happiest of birthday wishes Janice! So sweet that you chose to spend a bit of it with us. Your birthday take-out sounds delicious. All your snowmen are all adorable! I bet they will be a hit as many collect them over purely "Christmas" things so they can display them all winter. It seems as though many parts of the country are getting snowed up. Right now, I can thankfully say we are not...although we had several early sticking snows. I, too, hated driving to work with bad I just worry about my son LOL. ~Robin~

  7. Happy Birthday! Your shop looks so festive! No snow here in my parts of the woods either and I don't mind.

  8. Happiest of birthdays, Janice -- belated, but still heartfelt. Your store is just darling and I love the idea of the snowman kits especially. Snowmen-anything always make me smile! I hope your day was very happy!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, young 'un ;-)

  10. Beautiful! Yes, please show that close up of the birch garland. How unique, and natural, too.

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Love those sweet snowmen....but like you, I don’t love snow either.

  12. Happy blessed birthday wishes. The shop looked so cute but I missed the garland darn. Hope this weekend is really busy for you.


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