Monday, November 9, 2020

Respect The Turkey


Can it be Monday already?

Am losing my dates working at home full days and nights at the store. I have been coming and going so much that I feel my home is getting neglected.

The joy of owning 2 stores.

Am far behind on reading my blogs posts too.
Will try and catch up my friends soon.
Now that the gift shop is open and ready
for Christmas goodies,
I have more time.
(let's hope)

Today I wanted to show you my
display for respecting the turkey.

Gobble Gobble goodness!

With turkeys in different colors and size.

The pumpkins are mixed in too.

This is what our customers see when

they first come though the door.

My sister stopped by on Saturday
and brought these fun pumpkins
for me to sell as well.
Hand made by my nephews wife.
They live in North Carolina,
and my sister was there last week visiting.
Sent me a pic of these adorable pumpkins
and glass blocks...
so I told her to bring them back and I would sell them
in our store.
Lots of teal, gray and white ones.
Told sis to have Holly make some in 
orange, green and yellow next year.

Well lunch break is over now.
Wish time would stop a bit for me.
Sure could use more of it.

Respect The Turkey Blessings To All!



  1. Poor Mr. Turkey gets swept under the rug and Christmas takes over so I'm so happy to see some respect for him! Very cute display and I bet the pumpkins will sell! I hope you get some down time soon!

  2. wonderful as usual It is nice to see some thanksgiving items.

  3. Nice merchandise for Thanksgiving. I just love that little white turkey. That is something I would buy. Yes, show respect for Turkey. We had our Thanksgiving a while back but since it was only me and my husband, I didn't even cooked a turkey. I'm due for turkey meat, maybe a small one. Oh well, Christmas is not that far away.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I'm in agreement with all the comments above....As long as it takes me to put away my Halloween, and as long as it takes me to get Christmas out, I probably should start decorating for Christmas now, but I just can't even think Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I did give up decorating for Thanksgiving though as I just run out of time. Enjoyed seeing your cute decor goodies though. ~Robin~

  5. Janice, your shop displays are always so pretty. I wish I could pay a visit. Thanksgiving and turkey is well worth celebrating, even though a little differently this year..Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. I like your turkeys very much! I always think Thanksgiving gets short shrift! It's nice to see your displays.

  7. When I taught school, one great bonus was that the turkey was definitely shown respect! Tom and Tammy Turkey invaded all of our lesson plans and Thanksgiving reigned supreme until the day after the T'giving break, when All Things Christmas began!

  8. I love your turkey display, prim perfect! Lecia

  9. You find the best items for your shop!


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