Thursday, November 5, 2020

November CupboardScape

 Well the weekend is almost here.

Temps here in Michigan will be in the 60's.


Am so very thankful for many things,
so decided this month's cupboardscape
would try and reflect on that.

Our forefathers and foremothers
had to struggle making it in this new world.
They had to work, and work hard 
to eke out a living.

It was not easy.
Weather and illness took its toll on them.

We all must give thanks.

Give thanks to them that forged ahead,
so that we could be a free country.

Especially farmers,
who had to work the land,
day in and day out.

In hopes that they would be able to reap
their harvest.
Not only to put food on their table,
also to feed their livestock.
They could not just drive to the local
store for things they wanted.

They used everything they could.
Made do with what they had.

Later this month we will sit down
to our Thanksgiving dinner.
Please take a moment to thank
your ancestors for all they did for us.

the 1700 and 1800's
were difficult ones.
I will remember my great grandparents
who made a living in this wild
world full of trees and open spaces
in the thumb area of Michigan.
back in the 1800's.
They went through the terrible fire
that destroyed everything in its path,
both human and livestock were lost.
This fire went across our state from 
the West all the way to the shores
of Lake Huron to the East
before ending its path of destruction.
The winds that whipped this fire were so
strong, all were lost in its path.
Fortunately for my great grandparents,
the fire went just to the North of them.
They were spared.

They could hear it and see it,
and even smell it.

Which reminds me of the devastating fires out West 
we have now.

So please just take a few moments
to say a wee prayer
for those who sacrificed everything
to live in this country
we call the 
Land Of The Free   
Home Of The Brave.

November Blessings To All!


  1. So well said. Thank you for a beautiful post and a reminder of just how blessed we are.

  2. What a lovely post. So true, we owe alot to who came before us. Have a great week. Kit

  3. Very timely and thoughtful post Janice. It is so heart-wrenching to see so many willing to just throw our history and freedoms away these scary days.... Beautiful cupboard-scape as well. ~Robin~

  4. I agree, we have been so blessed by the efforts of others. I am thankful for sure!

  5. A beautiful post and tribute to your ancestors. I never knew about that fire. We don't seem to think we can have that happen in our area, only in the West. My ancestors came over from Greece and Germany and I'm grateful for their sacrifices to come to a country where they didn't speak the language or have a job to earn a living. Somehow they did it because they believed in America and the opportunities they could have. Enjoy the warmer temps this weekend. We're suppose to hit 70!

  6. This is a fascinating post. I am continually in awe of what our ancestors had to go through to make their lives in this country in those years. I love your Give Thanks sign. Yes, without them, where would we be?


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