Friday, July 31, 2020

Taking A Wide View

Why does Blogger always have to change things up?
I finally figured out how to do a new post.
Not fun.

I don't normally show wide shots of my rooms.

Today I did just that.

Soon the patriotic displays will
be put away for another year.
Out will come the Autumn decor.

Hope everyone enjoys this last day of July.
It is both my son Matt's birthday and his girlfriends.
Happy Birthday to the both of them!

Wide View Blessings To All!



  1. I figured out how to work with the new Blogger, wrote a long post, and it disappeared when I hit Publish.
    Love your decor

  2. Love the wide shots you certainly have been changing things up. Change looks great,but so did the other way. Happy birthday to your son and his girlfriend. I certainly am enjoying the table and I will enjoy the cabinet. hope you are able to take some time off to find what you want.

  3. Well, I personally think you should do wide views more often! It gives perspective and context (which I, for some reason, have a difficult time visualizing). Beautiful room (and kitty!!!) New blogger??? I saw the option to "try" new blogger, but have resisted the temptation to click on it....I am very content with old blogger. I suppose, however, we eventually won't have a choice sigh. Happy Weekend! ~Robin~

  4. it took me 2 days to figure out how to moderate my comments lol.
    No good with change. Love your chairs are they comfortable I am in the marked for a couple of new chairs.

  5. Pretty cool about the birthdays. I haven't tried the new blogger yet. I'm dragging my feet. I do like the wide shot, it's lovely seeing more of the room in one image!

  6. I like the wide shots!
    I just hate change! I see your text is bigger...same thing with my blog post. The smaller font size was too small. GGGRRRR!
    Happiest of birthdays to your son and GF.

  7. Love the wide shots! And I really love the large font! LOL! So many of the blogs I follow have teeny tiny print. So frustrating. Your kitty looks like she's posing, so cute. Jan in MA

  8. New blogger? Hmmm...I haven't heard about that. Anyway, I love the wide view! It makes good views to see how all the decor comes together. Love your cozy and pretty home! Have a good weekend!


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