Monday, July 13, 2020

Tea Time

Monday morning blues.
Have to work this morning.
Took Friday off to get more fabric
and ended up driving to my mom's.
She received food from their food bank
for seniors and she had way to much for herself.
I drove up and gave it to Bob's dad.

Both stores did awesome business 
over the weekend too!
We are so very thankful for great customers!

OK so today is my feeble attempt
to show you what our garden tea party
themed window looks like.
We set up a small outdoor table
with two chairs.
I added an embroidered vintage
dresser scarf to the top.

Our store is on the wrong side of the street,
Too much sun in the windows.


I tried several times to take pics.
Always seem to get the houses across the street.

I added our chalkboard sign
which I added 
"tea party"

Yesterday I printed these fun Halloween
witch tags onto brown cardstock.
6 styles.

We sell tea in our gift shop,
so thought it would be a fun idea
to add these tags for Halloween.

All of the tags have witch images
of brewing something in her cauldron.

Since you brew tea.....
I packed our loose tea into these fun bags,

Added the bags to this vintage glass jar,
and next month they will be ready
when we introduce our Halloween
themed gift shop.

Black Tea
Vanilla Almond Coconut
Watermelon Basil
are the three flavors we have.
The bags are weighed at 30 ounces
using our candy scale.
Enough for 2 cups.

I will be taking a week off for vacation
soon to work what I can
to finish my creations.
We want to start decorating the 3rd week of August.

Hope you all have a wonderful
start to  your week.

Tea Time Blessings To All!


  1. You can still see it through the reflection. I'm sure it was amazing! You do such a wonderful job staging. The tea! Stop it - the tags are perfect!

  2. It looks great. You put in alot of time and it looks like you are reaping the rewards.

    1. Thanks Cathy and yes we do put a lot of time in our stores. Janice

  3. So happy to hear both stores are doing well!
    Cute tags :)

  4. That was so thoughtful of your mom to share your food with Bob's dad. And I love those tags. If Rick is able to do his Canadian bike ride, I might take him to Marine City to catch the ferry to Sambra and if I do, I'll be eager to visit your shop!

  5. Jeanie, unfortunately the Sombra ferry shut down about a year and a half ago. The Canadian Coast Guard ruined the dock and then the US customs decided not to re-open the port of entry. Sad for all. There is a ferry that runs out of Algonac to Walpole Island then you take a bridge to Canada. That ferry is 10 minutes South of us. But then no one can visit from either side right now with the virus so that ferry is shut down now too. Janice

  6. Your window displays look so nice. Your Tea theme is just perfect.

  7. Thank you.We do work hard on our displays! Janice

  8. It's wonderful that you are having great sales at both stores. It must keep you super busy.
    Love your little withes brew labels.

    Lovely display in your window.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Looks like a great window display, Janice! But man, oh man...I LOVE your tea bags/labels... How stinking cute!! Makes me wish I drank tea (well, I do sun tea and iced tea, but plain plain....LOL). And I love that dear little cement snail! I will say it I wish you shipped!!!! Have a good new week! ~Robin~

  10. If the border was open, I would come and get some of that tea. It sounds wonderful. I am so glad you shops are doing well.

  11. Thanks Janet. Stay safe and hopefully we can see each other in the Fall. Janice

  12. Very very beautiful. I love these type of blogs

  13. Hi Janice,
    Your window display is just lovely and I'm sure it will draw people inside to get a closer look!! Brought back so many memories of when I used to do the window displays for the shop where I worked!! Sometimes people would just stop and watch me and would wave! Love your idea for the tea and the bags! I'm sure those will be a big hit!!
    Hard to believe it will be August soon!
    Take care and keep well!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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