Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Hall Red

Can it be Sunday already?
First off I want to thank you all for 
the sweet comments regarding 
my sugar skull.
With me working during the day
and Bob and I checking in
 Halloween inventory nightly,
I dont have much time for anything else.

However we sure do have some
unique Halloween items.
I am busting at the seams for the end
of we can start to decorate.
I know, I know Janice,
don't rush the season already.

I am taking this week off for vacation
to finish up my fabric and wool goodes for the store.

Today I want to show you the after pics
of our hall redo...with the help of Bob.
He moved our red hanging cabinet from
our bedroom and hung it here in the hall.
When it was in the bedroom 
the red looked more brown.

I also moved the bucket bench from the bedroom
and placed here too.
I took this picture with the light on so you
can see our hickory hardwood floor.

Without the light.

Also moved our drysink to the hall.

Moved my my man picture above
the drysink.

More of a simple look now.

This was the before picture.
The brown hanging cabinet was moved
back to our bedroom.

I like it better here now.

I matches better with our cabinet here.

Well off to the store to work today.
Bob and I will be digging out some
of our stash of brown bottles at 
our antique store before we open.
He will work the antique store,
me the gift shop.

Hopefully the bottles will work with what
I want to do for Halloween.
Fingers crossed.
(if my plan works, will show in a future post)

Hall Redo Blessings To All!


  1. You are always working so hard with getting things ready for your stores. It must keep you busy from sunrise to sunset and redecorating your home. I hope you can rest today.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. No rest for the weary and it is something I like to do at least. Janice

  2. I do not know how you find the time to rearrange all the time. I am lucky to clean why I have without moving things around. You always make it look so nice.

    1. Sometimes I don’t know how I do it either. Janice

  3. You sure do re-decorate often and it always looks great.
    Me, never!

  4. I'm all for not rushing the seasons (especially Christmas. I will not participate till November!) But when you are creating things for your business you have to work the seasons so far ahead. I'm already trying to think what cards to put in inventory and making my felties for Christmas sales. I got an order for Christmas cards today and so it really is time to get with the holiday program.

    The new arrangement is very nice indeed!

    1. Good luck with your cards. With my store I have to think ahead. Janice

  5. Hi Janice,
    I always love to see what you are up to!! Love the new displays!! I am not really able to move much of my furniture around because I only have a few options for how it will work and I feel like I have it arranged the best way, but sure would love to be able to "play" more! Also, moving things around would force me to clean behind things!!! lol
    Hope you enjoy your week!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. When we change up our windows we also have folks walk by wave and smile and stop to see what we are doing next. I love doing them. Janice

  6. Your hubby is a good guy to make all those moves! Looks good and I do enjoy changing things up now and again. I'll look forward to your Halloween things..that's my favorite time of year! Stay cool during this heat wave!

  7. Love the "simpler" look....think your changes are spot on lovely. Like Julie, I have little "wiggle" room here, so things remain the same...and my "mr" isn't one to hang things for me (and I totally stink at it....i.e., 10 holes in the wall later it might be "close" to where it should be LOL), so it always becomes a chore or a hassle to "move" anything. (Heck, my gameboard collection is still on the floor waiting to be hung since we "finished" (ha!) WWR! Slow down at some point my leave me breathless!! ~Robin~

    1. Hopefully soon you will hang your game board collection so we can see it as it must be amazing. Janice

  8. Janice, the hall looks great as does the bedroom. Little cupboards like that fit so well any place. Can't wait to see all the goodes for Halloween. I was thinking today it is almost August, almost time for fall!!!! and cooler days..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. I look forward to the cooler evenings of Autumn. Too hot here lately. Janice


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