Saturday, May 2, 2020

It'sTulip Time

Can it be Saturday already?
No rest for me yet.
Working the weekend once again.

I went to get the mail one day....
usually Bob has been getting it.
Anyway I realized it was tulip season
here in our part of Michigan.

So I whipped up this lil display
of Spring flowers to include a few tulips.

I have a collection of stoneware pitchers.

Along with a few miniature bowls.

This pattern is the wedding ring.

Decided to add my rabbit ditty bag.

This completes my lil display.

What inspired me was my few tulips
I noticed out when when I came in
from getting the mail.

Went inside to grab my camera...
and then after I took the first pic.
noticed a third one.
As you can see no time 
to rake up the dead leaves yet.
I leave them over Winter to protect my plants.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Mine will be sitting at a computer
all day again.

In my last post Julia asked me
 what the wood item was in my shelf.

This is a flax winder.
A type of spinning wheel
to turn flax into flax thread.
Flax thread was then used to make linen.

Tulip Blessings To All!


  1. So sorry you are not able to enjoy your weekend. But it is nice to see the flowers finally popping up.

  2. Your displays are quite lovely! My tulips have finished blooming; now I'm waiting to cut them back and plant zinnias in the bed.

  3. I do love tulips! I remember the tulip season fun when my kids lived in Michigan. I hope you get a break from work soon. Many are at home without work and some are over strange! Have a good weekend and I love your displays as always!

  4. I only have a few tulip bulbs, but they get eaten every year before they bloom :( My daffs this year were spectacular. Many, many more flowers than I have ever had.
    Hopefully you will soon get your weekends back.

  5. That's a super arrangement, Janice. I love it with the yellow hyacinth, too. I wish I'd bought yellow hyacinths on my last out-of-the-house venture in March. They would have died by now but I'd plant them for next year!

  6. I love your collection of pitchers, bowls, and your tulips. You have created a very nice display.

  7. Thanks Janice for letting me know what that wooden item is. I'm probably the only one who didn't know what it was.

    Your floral arrangement is so lovely with the collection of bowls and pitcher. Every year I get less and less tulips. I think the squirrels are eating the bulbs.
    I hope that you get some rest from work.
    Stay safe and well

    Hugs, Julia

  8. Love your collection of stoneware pitchers and small bowls. I've never seen a flax winder - cool. My tulips were eaten by something...I have 1 that may bloom.

  9. Beautiful displays, Janice.... Really love the little blue bowls. I have never had much luck with tulips. I bought and planted so many bulbs over the years, but the only one that survived more than one year was the one that was here when we moved in....and got inadvertently moved, and removed, a dozen times or more during remodels and landscape changes LOL.... And even that one often gets eaten off by deer and rabbits right before the flowers are about to bloom. They must be tasty! Sorry to hear about another weekend filled with work for you.... :-( Robin


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