Friday, May 8, 2020

A Desk Revealed

Good morning friends.

A little secret I will tell you.
I write my posts the night before.
I would 
be able to write these early in the morning.

Today I want to show you my prim desk.
I never leave it open as my kitties...
well kitties will be kitties,
and I do not need them pouncing on it.
Possibly breaking it.
So it safe if I just leave it closed.

It usually resides in our back room.
Decided to move it into the spare room now.
Since I moved the desk in the back room
where I leave my work computer and paperwork on.

An early ink crock with a small crock pitcher.

Also added a small stack 
of pantry boxes and a pear.

Another crock pitcher.

The top of my desk
with a grouping on the wall.

My desk straight on in the corner
of the bedroom now.

Side view.

With the desk opened for writing on.

I do love it open.
Makes me wonder who used it.
Was it a banker.
Was it merchant?
If only it could talk.

It was an awesome find.
One piece I will never part with,
even if I do not leave it open.

Well I will find out later today 
if I have to work Saturday again.
Sunday will be a reprieve for us
since it is Mother's Day.

Mother's Day will be spent at home.
No parties.
No family gathering.
No nothing.
Our governor extending the stay at home
order to May 28th now.

So if you are a mother to children,
or a mother to fur babies, 
or a mother to both.
Happy Mother's Day!

Desk Revealed Blessings To All!


  1. Awesome piece! I always wonder about the "life" of things before I bought them. Yes, happy mother's day to all! Welcome to the "end of May club."

    1. Thank you Jacky. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Janice

  2. I hope the desk belonged to a kind and loving person. I always wonder what history it has been part of. I'm not a lover of primitive antiques but they are interesting to me. I'm sure it served it purpose well.

    Happy Mothers'Day.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I always wonder who used the pieces I own. Such history. Janice

  3. That desk is a keeper, for sure.
    Happy Mother's Day :)

    1. Thank you Lauren! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Janice

  4. Love the little desk! Old pieces have a lot of interest to them. There's an old pie safe in a building we bought; it has been painted white (why ?) I'd love to move it out so I could see its condition.

    1. Thank you. Hope you are able to investigate that pie safe. Those are nice pieces too! Janice

  5. I like your prim desk. And yes, all those cubbies would be heaven for a cat! Smart move.

    1. Yes such a temptation for a kitty. Better to be safe than sorry. Janice

  6. Now that's a desk! Absolutely love it Janice! And it looks quite at home in its new home. Yes, I always wonder about the past lives of things...and then my imagination gets involved and all of a sudden there is a story in my head for it. Fingers crossed that you also get tomorrow off...You probably don't even remember what a 2-day weekend feels like! Happy Mother's Day to you! ~Robin~

    1. Would love to hear the stories in your head sometime. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Janice

  7. Love that desk Janice.
    I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. I spent my weekend resting since it was my first weekend off. I so needed it. Even took a nap this afternoon. Janice

  8. Happy Mother's Day Janice! Your desk is super cute and I would be wondering who sat there also. It's got a good home with you! Enjoy your Sunday but it's sad we can't be with our kiddos. Take care!

    1. Yes a weird year this year. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Janice

  9. Hi Janice,
    Happy Mother's Day to you as well!! LOVE your desk and how you have it displayed!! I can see how the kitties would be very attracted to it, AND very naughty!!! Best to keep it closed so there are no accidents!! Hope you can get some much needed rest and enjoy your day!! Your little crow pillow is really sweet, too, and I love his big pumpkin!! Your tulip display is also very sweet!! I LOVE tulips and sure do miss seeing them! We loved to see them on our way to Holland when we lived in MI! Always enjoy your displays you share!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Thank you Julie. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. A strange one indeed this year. I heard it has been unseasonably warm for you. I love the tulips! At my old home I had many colors of them. Hope you had a nice weekend too! Janice


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