Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dresser Dreams

Happy Saturday my sweet friends!
I can say that since this will be
weekend #2 that I am NOT working.
In a few hours I will drive up to my mom's
and then head to the cemetery for my
aunt's burial. 
Finally closure for my cousin's.

Before I head out I wanted to show you
my second wall of the bedroom change-up.

I moved the dresser to this wall.
Added some covelets on top.
The wood hand is a display form for ladies gloves.
Behind that is a form display for hats.

The left side.

A crock filled with feathers and white pepper berries.
The apothecary jar is filled with greens and lye soap.
A tin container finishes this display. 

Over the dresser is this cubby shelf
with hand forged handles on the cubbies.
A kite string winder on top and a pewter dish.
Hanging are a yarn winder, 
tobacco strand and a ladies fan.

The first black dollie I made 
which is my angel with wings.

The entire top with wall shelf.

I so love this dresser.

Placed now on the wall near my desk.

Now you may have noticed the gaping space
between the wall shelf and desk.
It is really noticeable to me now.
I am working on drawing another design
for a bigger hooked rug.....
now just need the time to hook it.

We had some thunderstorms rollin the other day.
Last year we must have had a bolt
of lightning hit really close to our home,
because ever since then,
our Ace kitty hides during storms now.

This is where I found him the other day.
At least it was a cozy hideout! 

Well hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
I have to finish a pillow for Winnie,
then finish my current rug.
Did not pull one loop this week.
Then will work on more Halloween goodies.
Hopefully there will be enough time
for all of this on Sunday.

What will the weekend find you doing?

Dresser Dream Blessings To All!


  1. You have so much energy to move thing all the time I think about and that is it! Your poor sweet kitty being scared but you are right and nice place to hide out.

    1. LOL. I get bored easily, so moving things around helps. Janice

  2. Oh your poor scared kitty has discovered a prime spot to fit his need even when all is calm. He knows what he likes, so be it.

    You are displaying your collectables very nicely. It's always a work in progress that keeps it enjoyable.
    Enjoy your weekend. Here in Canada, it a long weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hi Janice,
    So good to finally have closure about your aunt, but I'm sure you are still dealing with the grief and loss!! Only time can really help with that healing!!
    Your display is lovely and I love the dresser, too, as well as all the special touches!! A hooked rug would love wonderful in your chosen spot!!
    Poor Ace sure did find the most snug and safe place to hide!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and can enjoy some time off!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Thank you Julie. It was nice seeing my uncle and cousins..and my mom. Ace did find the perfect spot to hide. Janice

  4. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you can meet together to finally say goodbye. Your dresser is adorable and decorated so cute. I didn't even notice your kitty until you said it was his hiding place! Smart, private, and cozy! Enjoy your weekend from work!

  5. Ace may be hiding but he looks comfortable and content.

  6. You really have the most interesting things to work with and you know how to arrange them. I think that is a talent to be envied.
    And I do, mine would look like who knows what. It is early Sunday morning and all is still here in lower MI. Have a good day everyone.

  7. Coverlet envy over here...teehee...your cat - that is too cute! You are so good at decorating and staging!

    1. Thanks Jacky! Ace did find the purrfect spot to hide. Janice

  8. That change-up looks great. I love the coverlets. I hope the service wasn't too sad and your mom is OK.

    1. Thank you Jeanie. The service was nice and closure was good for my cousins. They needed that. Janice

  9. It is a truly beautiful piece, Janice (the dresser, I mean), but I am drooling over the cubby with the forged handles, the kite winder, and that glove display form!!! Oh my!! Awww....sweet Ace...what a cozy niche he has found. Such a gloomy cold day here, I would love to cuddle up next to him. Me? I'm trying to catch up on some long overdue blog reading, watching the lake churn, and hopefully will pick up some stitching later on.... Sunday Blessings ~ Robin

    1. Bob purchased the cubby with intentions of selling it in our store. It did not make it there. LOL Been raining now here for 2 days. UGH Janice

  10. I can imagine how much you enjoy arranging and rearranging things. I love the dresser and the cubby. I am in the midst of redoing the beds around our house. I move plants around like one might move a crock from here to there.

    1. I love moving things around because I get bored easily, so it helps me. Janice


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