Friday, May 29, 2020

It Was A CATastrophe

Good morning friends.
today is Friday.
We opened our antique store back up yesterday.
Sales were good.
Customers thanked us for re-opening.
Some were afraid we would never re-open.
Both Saturday and Sunday,
you will find me at our gift shop.
Bob needs to paint our garage.

Just look at them.
Our kitties look so sweet sleeping
don't they.

Well the other night,
it was a CATastrophe.
Bob had just gone to bed.
I was watching tv.
Our kitties decided to fight for some reason.
Fight they did right on my table above.
I have no idea how they did it,
but my heavy metal trunk,
the basket of drieds
and my precious crock
all came crashing down on the floor.
Bob ran out of the bedroom
thinking something happened to me.

Something did happen.
My crock cracked.
The kitties both scattered
after it happened and hid.
They knew I was mad.
Bob thinks it is another cat that keeps
hanging out on our porch at night.

Here is my precious 2 gallon cobalt blue
wreath crock.
Cracked in three places.
The only thing holding it together
is the handle on the one side.
I cannot even pick it up by the handles
or it will definitely fall apart.

I did put the display back together
in the same way as displayed
in my other picture above.

My kitties were little devils that night.
This has NEVER happened before.
Let's hope it does not happen again.

Have you had a pet wreck something
precious you own?

What are yourplans for the weekend?

 Non CATastrophe Blessings To All!


  1. So sorry about your crock. Happy working this weekend you have been working in one place or another right along.

    1. Yes I will be working our gift shop every weekend for awhile. Janice

  2. I do remember the chair arm teething puppy chewed half way through. Plants & pots, and tchotchke broken when cats knocked them to the floor, but I don't remember the exact items by now.

    Sorry about the crock - will you be trying some old ways (staples or metal band) of repairing it? Or go modern and use some type of adhesive? Perhaps both?

    1. Oh no! Not sure if I will be fixing the crock, but thanks for the suggestions. Janice

  3. What a misfortune about the precious crock. I'm glad that you are back in business. The only things one of my cats destroyed was a plant. He chewed up a coleus and then got sick. I'm glad you are back opened.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. That is why I do not have real plants inside. LOL Janice

  4. Hi Janice,
    What a heartbreak for you!! Those kitties must have had super powers to knock those things over!!! They are lucky they weren't under it!! Hopefully, with some glue and maybe some wire, Bob can work his magic and repair it!! Happy to hear the re-opening went well and that customers came!! All a good sign!! Tell those kitties not to play so rough in the future!
    Enjoy your weekend and happy sales!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Guess they did have super powers that night. Had a great weekend at both stores. Glad to be back in business. Janice

  5. So happy to hear you are open. I'd love to stop by but just a little too!
    BAD kitties. Like Julie said, perhaps Bob can do some repairs while it is still in one piece. I have a couple wrapped with wire.
    I hope sales are record breaking this weekend.

    1. Yes bad kitties indeed! Sales were awesome this weekend! Janice

  6. wrap with very fine copper wire just under the lip and near the bottom then paint the cracks with clear finger nail polish will help heal it

  7. Oh, Janice. I am so sorry about the crock. I know the feeling when something like that happens. Almost every old piece that I have has some kind of crack in it but put something pretty in it and you wont even know it is there. Those bad kitties!!..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Oh no. Not good when precious thing get ruined by our pets...however we still love them. Janice

  8. Oh no!! So very sorry to read about your crock. That really stinks....but Bob is probably right...a stray near their "turf" can bring our "purrsonalities" otherwise not seen. My pets have ruined more thinigs than I care to remember. One I just can't forget, though, is our antique sofa...It was one of the old mohair ones with hand-tied springs that I got from my aunt and uncle and which followed me though my college days...and finally to our little house here in Nod. We finally scrimped together enough money to have it recovered...which was not inexpensive given the hand-tied springs, etc. Well, a few months after it was done, Mr. Crow and I ran for a quick ice cream cone and left our dog (a white Siberian) behind. She didn't like bit....we came home to completely a completely shredded sofa. Grrrrr.... Hope sales are brisk this weekend! ~Robin~

  9. Well Snow dog is not all white, so you must be talking about a different dog. A very expensive ice cream cone that day. We had a cockapoo growing up who tore the doorwall curtains down and shredded them if we did not open them each morning. I forgot one day to open them while my parents were away...and I had to pay for new ones. Janice

  10. I'm so sorry about your beautiful crock. I suspect Bob is right. I don't know that any of my cats over time have ever destroyed anything like that, but I do remember Stimpy knocking down the Christmas tree. Twice!

  11. Oh my. I do remember having to tie my Christmas tree to the wall one year because our sweet Tanner as a kitten was climbing into it. Janice


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