Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rabbit Rug Reveal

..Friday night,
Saturday morning and Sunday
I worked on my rug.

It is finished...
well at least the hooking part is.

Mary from Hill Top Post
correctly guessed that the animal
I chose was a bunny.

I started his body with two
color choices.
Ended up with the one on the left.

To me the heart was way too big.
I ended up making it smaller.

Not sure if I like the off white
all around the eye.

I wanted a blue background
for this piece.

Did not like the ears either.

So I changed the left one up.
Also removed some of the eye.
Still not sure I like it.
I may end up adding some
different white and hook in the ditch.

Almost done in this pic.
Notice the heart is smaller.

My rows do not look that even.
I think it was where I had it taking
these pics.

Just have to bind and hang.
Will show again the final reveal of that.
Hopefully can do that this weekend.
I am taking Friday off, so it will be
a long weekend for me.

Would love to start my next rug project,
but have to go back to Halloween.
Need lots of inventory for our store.
In fact started a new witch.
Wait til you see her!

Thanks to all who did try and guess.
Do appreciate your comments.

Rabbit Rug Reveal Blessings To All!


  1. Love your bunny!!!! You chose the color for the bunny wisely, that works perfectly. That will be snapped up fast I'll bet. Can't wait to see your next project.

    1. Thanks Saudra.I am keeping this rug. Not sure why my comments do not reach you but on your blog. So odd because i usually comment all of the time. Janice

  2. you were quick as a bunny doing that project so sweet

  3. Sweet. My guess would have been a kitty :)

    1. Most folks thought it would be a kitty. I fooled them! LOL Janice

  4. This is wonderful. He has such charm (but then I'm a sucker for bunnies!)

  5. Bun bun is darling! Fall/Halloween is my fav for decor and weather but what comes after I dread so I will stick to hooking summer pieces. Tho you have to stay seasons ahead for your store. Best!

    1. Yes I do have to be ahead of the game for our store. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Janice

  6. Ahhhh....your bunny turned out wonderfully! I love it! And all your "tweaks" were very sage ones indeed. I finally started my new hooked project...but second guessing my color choices. I hate to hook too much because then I am hesitant to rip it all out...but with a relatively large rug, it's difficult for me to really visualize unless I have a good bit down. Maybe I better pick up my needle instead LOL. Enjoy your long weekend!! ~Robin~

    1. Thank you Robin!Cannot wait to see your hooking project. Also if you have made any progress on your mermaid. Janice

  7. It is so sweet! I love the colors you chose! A wonderful work of art!


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