Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Crow Pie

Hello Friends.
Let me tell you the story
of an unusual crow
who had to have some crow pie.

From the minute he flew the nest.

This whimsical fellow was not
your average crow.
He had a taste for the unusual as well.

So he grabbed himself a cart.

Er one with an axle.
He was going to need a strong and sturdy one.

For he intended on grabbing the biggest
and ripest pumpkin he had ever seen.

Straight from the pumpkin patch.

He did not want the tiny pumpkins in the field.

Oh no.
It was his mission to take home
this whopper of a pumpkin.

He decided he wanted pumpkin pie.

Not necessarily the entire pumpkin.
His crow pie was to just eat the seeds.
However he needed to grab himself
this pumpkin before others found it.

Hope everyone will enjoy their 
Cinco De Mayo.
We will be having chicken quesadillas for dinner.
With a few margaritas.
Yes I will be drinking a few.
I so need it.

Crow Pie Blessings To All!


  1. very cute enjoy your margaritas

  2. Happy Cinco De Mayo, enjoy your festivities and margaritas. Your crow pie story was sweet.

  3. A cute story to go with your new pillow. Happy Cinco De Mayo celebrations.
    Enjoy your Margaritas.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Very sweet design.
    Happy margaritas :)

  5. Cute story and cute pillow! Nicely done. I hope you enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo dinner!

  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo Janice! Hope those Margaritas eased the frustration for a while. Your crow pillow is absolutely PRECIOUS! ~Robin~

  7. I love this pillow!! So pretty. The blue flowers in my yard are Forget Me Nots. 😊 Kit

  8. Janice, I love this post. The pillow is darling. Cinco de Mayo passed by just like everything else seems to be doing these days. I do like the sound of the margaritas however..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy

  9. This is charming, Janice -- the story and the art. It's really a cute pillow. I meant to make a quesdilla for lunch but I never got around to lunch. The margarita sounds great!


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