Friday, March 27, 2020

Palms & Artichokes

Good morning my dear friends.
With Social Distancing the new word for 2020,
at least I have all you wonderful
ladies and gents to talk to.

I am trying to stay positive.
There will be no Easter with family this year.

Today I wanted to show you what 
I did with my palm artichokes.

If you remember from my March CuboardScape,
I purchased these for our new store.
I brought some home for my Spring decor.  

This is what I did with the others that were
not featured in my CupboardScape.
I added my faux artichokes purchased
from Hobby Lobby.

So love the simplicity of the two colors together.

In other news, since working from home now,
at least I did not have to drive in this the other morning.
Looked pretty though.

Finally hopefully these adorable kitties will
put a smile on your face.
Shadow covering his eyes while sleeping.

Ace sprawled out on the couch behind me
where I sit daily for work now.
Normally when I would come home 
from work he would be sleeping in our bed.  
Now he sleeps here during the day.

Well off to turn my work computer on.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Stay safe my friends!

A BIG thank you for all those who are working
the front line to help us all out.
Without their service where would we be?

Palm & Artichoke Blessings To All!


  1. Your artichokes are very fun.
    Sweet kitties ! They have the right idea.

    1. Thank you Rose! Yes our kitties our precious to us and do have the right idea! Janice

  2. Sweet coworkers! Yes, thank you to those who are battling it head on!

    1. Yes just wish I could sleep on the job. LOL Janice

  3. Easter Sunday spent alone will seem strange. And, my birthday, spent alone on the 5th. But, we're gonna make it!

    1. Yes I host Easter with my family and it will be strange not having everyone over. I hope you have a nice birthday. Happy early one! Janice

  4. A big thank you to all who are keeping this country going.
    God bless them all.

  5. I hadn't seen palm artichokes, they are dried?

  6. Those are pretty cool I have not seen them either.
    those kitties are so sweet. We had about 4 inches on Tuesday
    But it is long gone.

    1. Thank you Cathy! When I saw these, I knew I had to sell them in our store and keep some for myself. Yes my co-worker's are always sleeping on the job. Janice

  7. Good to see you're doing well. We had snow too yesterday. But it's all gone now. Right now I can hear a tree full of robins singing. Makes me smile. Take care! Kit

    1. Robins and cardinals and red winged blackbirds were all singing this morning. Janice

  8. Same here with Easter. I love that the cats are so mellow. They don't know what's going on. I'm glad we do. And I'm not!

    1. Yeah they have the life of riley with no worries at all. Janice

  9. I love artichokes....I have had several dried ones for years now...never seem to tire of the them in my decor. Awww...such precious kittehs! There is something so serene and cozy about them...perhaps they are the original homebodies LOL. We are due for snow tonight. Guess it doesn't really matter to me at this point anymore. :-(. Saturday Smiles ~ Robin

  10. They might be the original homebodies. Hope you had a great weekend! Janice

  11. Love the palm and artichoke decoration! Such sweet kitties. So good that you can stay safe and work from your home! Yes, Easter will be quiet for so many this year.

  12. Nothing sweeter than seeing cozy napping cats! Love the palm and artichoke decoration! Stay safe and well!

  13. Glad you're home and well and putting your lovely decor for us to uplifting from the woes out in the world! Your kitties look very comfy! Take care and I'm feeling very sad that no Easter festivities will be had this year at our home. This year will not be forgotten!

  14. Yes so sad no Easter and yes we will all remember this year. Janice


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