Friday, March 20, 2020

Getting My Wool On

When I was planning out one of
our Mother's Day window displays,
I wanted to create a black and red themed one.

Now with the virus creating havoc,
we are not even sure 
if we will be open or not.   

Part of my red and black theme
was to create this candle mat.

I created this mostly from wool.
The pink check fabric is flannel though.
The red is a muted one in color.
The black wool has flecks of red in it,
while the other wool is a grey/ white houndstooth.

It fits perfectly with the candles 
we currently sell, creating a flower.
Perfect for Spring! 
In fact a new shipment of candles 
came in yesterday,
and I have to label them Saturday morning
when I go to the store.

What a wonderful addition
to one's home no matter what
style you have.

Last evening Bob and I took his father
to the grocery store.
I am not one to hoard food,
and like to plan my meals weekly.
Because I heard the store was getting sparse,
I just started grabbing what I could. 
Bob was doing the same.
The only meat that was there were
a few steaks and a roast.
I also grabbed shrimp, imitation crab,
turkey sausage and bacon....not what
I normally eat....but these are weird times.
I grabbed lots of  fresh veggies to freeze.
No eggs or condiments to be found.
No canned veggies and only frozen
brussel sprouts, which I bought.
I will be getting more creative 
in our meal planning.

Hopefully you are able to find what you need
at your own store.
My son told me he went to 4 different stores
near him and all were mostly empty as well.
Thankfully my daughter is set with food
 for her and the kids.

My mom reminded me that this is what
it was like during the Depression and war.
I never thought I would see this myself.
I can no longer say that.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Stay safe my friends.

Getting My Wool On Blessings ToAll!


  1. these are hard times for people for sure.
    sweet mat.

  2. Love the mat! Very scary out there these days. Stay well.

  3. I like the candle mat too! I'm not sure what is going to happen, but being prepared is a good idea. I still trust in Jesus...My God shall supply all my needs! That may include cleaning out my pantry and freezer to do

    1. Thank you. Meal planning more creative for sure here. Janice

  4. Sweet candle does look like a flower!! I ran to Kwik Trip to pick up things I get routinely...eggs, milk, 1/2&1/2, lettuce, bread.... walked out completely empty handed except for milk...but not the 2% I normally get and not in the size I normally get. Very discouraging to see the hoarding and selfishness this has brought out in people. SMH ~Robin~

    1. Thank you Robin. Yes we are living in crazy times for sure. Never expected it. Janice

  5. I love your mat! Our small local store is being stocked regularly and I've found most of what I need. They are very short of hamburger and chicken and only have bulk potatoes. Some things are kind of picked over -- soup is going down and so were chips -- But they're doing very well. We will plan to go every two weeks. I'm glad they are ramping up the supply chain for all the groceries, though I think produce will be a problem.

    1. Well I am set fora long time now as far as food. Just need the basics every now and then now. Crazy times. Janice

  6. What a beautiful little mat! Perfect for spring time.

  7. In my wildest dreams I never could have imagined this happening in our great land. Very scary indeed.

  8. I love your wooly good candle mat, Janice. Very creative !
    Be safe and well.

  9. Thank you Rose. You be safe and well yourself too. Crazy times. Janice

  10. Glad you are okay! We are too and actually enjoying our confinement together. So far plenty of food and TP. You take care. Kit

  11. Same her too! We live in a rural county and we have 7 cases. Scary times for sure. Janice


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