Saturday, March 14, 2020

A Giant Spring

In my Step.
Spring is definitely around the corner.

So are you worried about COVID-19?
We have a case in our county now.
Our county is pretty rural. 
We were told this gentlemen travelled
Domestically and caught it.

Schools throughout Michigan
 are now closed until April.
Any venues with 250 or more folks
must be cancelled.
Churches have cancelled services.
A friends sisters wedding was cancelled.
I feel so bad for her.   
My only question regarding all of this,
is why was this not as big of a deal
during the H1N1, or the SARS virus?
What are the statistics of those who die 
from the flu each year.... because it does happen.

My daughter is afraid of losing her job,
as her company does displays for venues
like Coachella, Lollapalooza, all of the
auto shows throughout the country.
They have lost 28 accounts now.
When is this going to end? 

I trust God knows the plan,
I have always believed things happen 
for a reason...even though I may not 
know the reason at the time.

OK, enough of my rant.
Let's take some time to enjoy 
my first Spring display,

This chicken crock has some damage, 
but I love it anyway. 

A Spring wreath.

More crockery and white flowers.

Hoping that soon blooms will appear outside.

For now will enjoy the inside view.

Well Bob and I are off to work.
He will work our Back Porch store...
I am working our Blue Water Gift Shop.
We intend on washing our hands 
after each transaction.
Our workers were told to do the same 
when they work.

Hope everyone stays safe.
Have a Pre-Spring wonderful weekend!

A Giant Spring In My Step Blessings To All!


  1. We have several in our county that have tested positive and last night they announced that a DMV employee has tested positive. that will up the spread for sure. I think it is the unknown aspic of this virus that is worrying everyone. My husband had a bone marrow transplant years ago but his immunity is still not like others. So we are being very cautious. I also believe that everything is for a reason. What it is who knows. Love your spring crocks.

  2. Good morning, and have a great day at the gift shop!

    1. Thank you. The day was goo, but the town was dead. So eerie. Janice

  3. I don't post comments of a political nature on blogs, but I do believe the media and the left will do whatever they can to make our President look bad, and destroying our economy is a great way to do it. It is very sad indeed. You are so right. H1N1 and the SARS virus were not treated the way COVID-19 is and there were MANY deaths related to those viruses.
    On a lighter note, I adore your chicken crock. I don't think I've ever seen one before.

    1. You're shouldn't post anything political because it makes us non-T supporters angry that you can't see him for what he is. He's a liar and he's made this country worse by continually lying about everything. No one is doing anything to make him look bad...he's doing that himself. Wake up!

    2. But you are posting your political opinion and that's ok?
      I am entitled to my opinion just as you are.

  4. Hi Janice. OK, I was going to address those top two comments above mine, because I have really strong beliefs that aline with one of them! but I won't! I'm glad that you are feeling well so far, this is a much worse virus than we have seen so far and I am taking precautions as I am in the highest risk category of age. I have no symptons and no underlying conditions so if I did get it I would probably be OK but I don't want to test that theory. Trust yourself and do what you know is right. Your crocks are so beautiful and I love the one with the chicken. Have never seen another one like it..Stay well and Happy weekend..xxoJudy

  5. I love your crocks, especially the one with the chicken. We are seeing lots of white blossoms, mostly on fruit trees.

    1. No blossoms here yet. Thanks for stopping by. Janice

  6. Love, love, love your beautiful crocks Janice! But I am a huge blue fan LOL. Yes, it's scary out there, but I do think media has made this larger than life and it has brought out the ugly side in too many. All our schools are closed here and we have only 6 confirmed cases in our state...and all in counties 4 hours away from us. If I lived in a state...or even an area...that had more exposure, I am sure I would be more concerned...especially with my compromised immune system. But hoarding toilet paper and cleaning supplies?? Hello. Weren't people cleaning and sanitizing BEFORE this crisis?? And what does toilet paper have to do with coughing and sneezing??? I must have missed the memo. Anyways...done with my rant too. ;-). Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs...oh wait...can't do the hugs just "Smiles" ~ Robin

    1. I could not find kitty litter either. These are weird times. Blue and red are my favorite colors. Lots of things are closed here now...we may be forced to close our stores if no one comes to shop. UGH Janice

  7. I do believe we have to shut down anything that relies on crowds and congregating to flatten the curve but it is especially difficult for those in the service and arts industries and many others. I feel for your daughter and her colleagues.

  8. Very difficult for everyone as closing things will affect those who need their jobs most. UGH Janice


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